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  1. Mark Helm
  2. Mike Bax
    Mike Bax
    02 Unsung Explorer, 19 Jason Hook Explorer, 02 LP Standard
  3. Steven Daniel
    Steven Daniel
    How do I post?
  4. Jack Fossett
  5. anthony flynn
    anthony flynn
    my epihone explorer serial number is 100021472--please help me find--year.month --where it was made
  6. Dean Thut
    Dean Thut
    I`m Still Here...for now.
  7. Matt Burrows
    Matt Burrows
    Just an ordinary guy bravely fighting Sausage Finger Syndrome
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    2. saipan
      you have it too?
      May 28, 2019
  8. Paruwi
    Paruwi Gary Thompson
    welcome here @ €pitalk
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    2. Gary Thompson
      Gary Thompson
      Thanks mate
      Apr 30, 2019
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  9. Paruwi
    Paruwi JeffMcLeod
    Happy Birthday !
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  10. Paruwi
    Paruwi Keefoman
    Happy Birthday !
  11. Paruwi
    Paruwi StevieG
    Welcome here a €piTalk
  12. Paruwi
    Paruwi littlebadboy
    Happy Birthday !
    1. littlebadboy
      Hey thanks!
      Apr 10, 2019
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  13. Connor Trietsch
    Connor Trietsch
    Have a thing for 1996 Models made at the Fine Factory! Especially 3-pickup Custom Shop Models. Show me yours!!
  14. Digger
    Digger TWANG
    G’day Patrick, Glad you made it here. Long time no see!
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  15. Paruwi
    Paruwi TWANG
    Hi Pat, Welcome here @ €piTalk
  16. GarryRE
    Originally a drummer, I'm now a guitarist and drummer.
  17. Frantic
    I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~Kurt Cobain
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  18. SiddtheKid
    G'DAY M8TE
  19. jspilla1
    can anyone help me with identifying my late father's epiphone guitar please
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    2. Raiyn
      Try posting a thread with your questions. A profile status isn't a good way to get noticed, nor is it a private message.
      Dec 29, 2018
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    3. vomer
      Yes, what Raiyn said. I just dropped in here as I saw your status was still showing and wondered if you had posted anything. Start a thread, we'll have a look.
      Dec 30, 2018
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  20. White Dog
    White Dog
    Experienced Guitar Player---37 years
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