Austin AU792 PRS Style guitar

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    Trying to cull the herd a bit.

    So, here we have a pretty nice axe, an Austin AU792. This is a PRS style guitar. These guitars, like other PRS style guitars are no longer made, as PRS was actively forcing guitar makers to stop making lookalikes.

    This guitar is similar to the PRS Custom22 SE. The body on this is fairly thin and comfortable with natural binding, and a carved quilted top. The set neck has a rosewood fingerboard with fairly heavy frets.

    The original electronics were replaced with a set of DiMarzio pickups, a DP103 PF in the neck, and a DP155 high output in the bridge position. These are great sounding humbuckers that dare I say it... sound better than PRS pups!.

    Other than this, it's a great sounding guitar, easy to play, with pretty low action, good sustain and easy to reach controls. The guitar is not in perfect cosmetic shape. There are a few scuff here and there, and even a couple of small dings. The worst scuffs are on the back of the top horn, and can be seen in the photo. The front is in much better condition, and there's even a small clear acrylic pickguard to prevent pick scratches.

    Asking $300 shipped CONUS.

    Edit: @moderator: Sorry about putting this in the wrong classifieds, and thanks for moving it

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