DC Resistancies for GIBBY PUs

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    Jan 20, 2015
    Maybe we could sticky this thread?

    A little copy and paste job:

    Gibson/Epiphone Pickups DC Resistance Values

    Gibson Burstbucker Pro (sim: BB1,Alnico5, potted) 7.4 KO
    Gibson Burstbucker Pro (sim: BB2, Alnico5, potted) 8.0 KO
    Gibson Burstbucker 1 (Alnico2) 7.5 KO
    Gibson Burstbucker 2 (Alnico2) 8.0 - 8.4 KO
    Gibson Burstbucker 3 (Alnico2) 8.2 - 8.8 KO
    Gibson '57 Classic (Alnico2) 7.44 - 8.5 KO
    Gibson '57 ClassicPlus (Alnico2) 9.0 - 13.8KO(the 9.0 appears to be a screw-up or faulty PU)
    Gibson Dirty Fingers (2xCeramic) 16.0 -16.6 KO
    Gibson Mini-humbucker (Alnico2) 6.0 - 6.4 KO
    Gibson 490R (Alnico2) 7.2 - 7.83 KO
    Gibson 490T (Alnico2) 7.9 - 8.53 KO
    Gibson 498T (Alnico5) 12.32-13.46 KO
    Gibson 496R (Ceramic) 8.3 - 8.63 KO
    Gibson 500T (Ceramic) 14 – 15 KO
    Gibson Angus Young (Alnico5) 13.5 KO
    Gibson Tommy Iommi (Alnico2+Ceramic) 16.5 KO
    Gibson Joe Perry(BB2&3?) (Alnico5) 8.4(neck)-8.8 KO(bridge)
    Gibson Jimmy Page (Alnico5) 7-8 KO(not found yet, but I reckon within these values)
    Gibson P-90R (Alnico5) 7.7 - 8.5 KO
    Gibson P-90T (Alnico5) 7.8 - 9.35 KO
    Gibson P-100R (Alnico5) 6.1 KO
    Gibson P-100T (Alnico5) 9.4 - 16.0 KO
    Gibson P-94R (Alnico5) 8.1 KO
    Gibson P-94T (Alnico5) 9.1 KO
    Gibson HB-R (Alnico5) 7.06 - 9.13 KO
    Gibson HB-L (Alnico5) 13.39 - 15.3 KO

    Epiphone 650R/700T (Ceramic8) 12.8(neck)-16.6(bridge) KO
    Epiphone P90(Casino) (Alnico5) 8.1 KO
    Epiphone P90('56 GT, WildKat) (Alnico5) 8.8 KO
    Epiphone 57CH(Classic) (Alnico5) 7.8 - 8.13 KO
    Epiphone HOTCH(Classic +) (Alnico5) 13.3 – 14 KO
    Epiphone HOTH8B (Alnico5) 13.14-13.58 KO
    Epiphone HB6N (Alnico5) 8.12-8.30 KO
    Epiphone Mini HB (Alnico5) 6.65 KO
    Epiphone Special2 (Ceramic) 12.85(neck)-16.6(bridge) KO
    Epiphone P100('57 LP Jr) (Alnico5) 10 KO
    Epiphone Elitist 50SR/50ST (Alnico5) 8.5 KO
    Epiphone Elitist 60ST (Alnico5) 13.8 KO
    Epiphone Elitist N.Valensi P90 (Alnico5) 8.1(neck)-9.1 KO(bridge)
    Epiphone Elitist Casino/Lennon(Alnico5) 8.1 KO
    Epiphone Elitist Country DLX (Alnico5) 5.7 KO

    EMG HZ H4 (Ceramic) 13.6 KO
    EMG HZ H4A (Alnico5) 13.6 KO

    DiMarzio SuperDistortion (Ceramic) 13.65 KO

    GFS Vintage 59 (Alnico5) Bridge 8.5-8.8 KO
    GFS Vintage 59 (Alnico5) Neck 8.0-8.2 KO
    GFS Classic II (Alnico2) Bridge 7.8 KO
    GFS Classic II (Alnico2) Neck 7.4 KO

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    Sep 11, 2015
    The Classic 57 pair are A2 magnets according to the Gibson site. Gibson's store. This chart incorrectly says they are A5.
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    Jan 20, 2015
    Good catch! It's too late for me to edit it, maybe @Paruwi could fix it?
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  4. Keep on Truckin'

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    May 7, 2017
    What are the Dc Resistance values on the 2015 Epi Alnico Classic Pro, Alnico 5 , Neck & Bridge values- supposed to be based on the Gibson Classic57's ? Thanks
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    Aug 23, 2016
    I know I'm late to the party, but I'd anyway like to respond for the good of the Epi collective:
    Epiphone Alnico Pro neck: 7.68K
    Epiphone Alnico Pro bridge: 8.40K - These p'ups are Alnico 2.

    No, not really. However, I think they sound better than the '57 Classics. They're clearer, specially in the neck position.
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    Jun 16, 2017
    Since this is an informational thread, and we're already listing Dimarzio and GFS in a "Gibby" pickup thread...let's really jump the tracks and post values of stuff we have.

    I guess I'll start with what I have in my G400:

    Carvin S22J {neck}: (11 pole pieces per coil, Alnico 5 magnet, metal cover) 7.6K Ω

    Carvin S22B {bridge}: (11 pole pieces per coil, Alnico 5 magnet, metal cover) 13.3K Ω

    In my partscaster I have:

    Carvin AP11 / AP11R: (11 pole pieces, Ceramic magnet) 4.3K - 4.4K Ω

    Prior to the AP11's I had:

    Dragonfire Crusader Single coils (Big hex bolt pole pieces, dual ceramic "refrigerator" magnet sticks) ≈5.6K Ω
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