For Sale: 2015 Squier Affinity HSS Stratocaster

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    Aug 14, 2016

    So I'm selling this guitar for a friend. I've done a restring (EB 9's), setup, partial fret dressing, and general cleaning and maintenance.

    The instrument appears to be 100% stock. I found no defects except for that which I list here.

    First, these are my thoughts on it. It plays really smoothly. The action is nice (can go a bit lower if desired, but I kept it a bit more average not knowing who will buy and what they like). There is very little wear on the frets. Most of my fret work dealt with fret sprout and polishing. Right now it is silky smooth up and down the neck, and glides for bends.

    I often find balance for anything mixing single and double coils can be dicey, and this one is that. The humbucker is MUCH hotter than the single coils. The neck coil is brighter that what I expect from most strat necks. Also, the middle and neck pickups can be made to sound suspiciously similar. It is not a very "quacky" guitar, and it would not surprise me if the N and M pickups were the same with no RWRP. I've not pulled it apart to check--this is just what I'm hearing. Still, using height and tonal adjustments, I found useful and distinct tones in all five switch positions.

    The bridge is decked and I've got a firm setup to allow for some trem usage without sacrificing tuning stability. Even on the new strings (pre-stretched, of course) I had minimal retunes afterwards.

    There are two other items worth mentioning--one I'd call aesthetic wear, and the other I'd call factory defect.

    First there is a single nick in the black paint on the back of the body, not much bigger than a pencil point.

    Second, the finish on the neck has uneven coloring. The feel of the final finish is perfectly smooth...this is an aesthetic flaw, but a pretty obvious one. The top of the neck has the expected darker finish, but that darkening ends maybe three inches from the body.


    In all I quite like this guitar. If I didn't have a basket of strats already, I'd consider buying it myself. Particularly, I like that the neck is just a little chunkier than my Squier and MiM modern C cuts.

    In all I think this is a nice instrument as is, and might be a nice moddder's platform too.

    The seller is looking for around $100 for this, but he's entrusted me to make a reasonable deal on his behalf.

    Please message me if you're interested. Thanks for looking!
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    Jan 4, 2019
    I have one, put a loaded fender sm. Strat pic guard and was actually #1 guitar I used in a band 2 years ago. If it set up good it's a real player.

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