How many guitars/basses have you owned in your life ?

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    Jan 16, 2015
    Inspired by a similar thread somewhere else I thought it could be interesting here, too :thumb:

    it might be a bit tricky for @Fullmoon 1971 .....:naughty:

    I'll start ...

      • 70s Classical Guitar >sold
      • 70s Steelstring #1 >sold
      • 70s Steelstring #2 >sold
      • late 70s Ibanez LesPaul >sold
      • 60-70s Framus SG-type >sold
      • 80s Hohner headless G2 (licensed Steinberger copy)>sold
      • Epi BBK Lucille >sold
      • Epi DR200CE
      • Epi LP Ukulele
      • Epi LP Ultra-II >sold
      • Epi Nichthawk Custom >sold
      • Epi LP Special DC >sold
      • Epi LP Junior #1 >sold
      • Albatross Jaguar-Type Custom >sold
      • Epi LP Junior #2 >sold
      • Epi SG-Special 61 Reissue >sold
      • Epi Tak Matsumoto DC Custom
      • Epi Dave Navarro Jane
      • Fender PawnShop 51 >sold
      • Tokai LC-98 BB >sold
      • Gibson Midtown Custom >sold
      • HarleyBenton TE20 >sold
      • FGN NeoClassic LC-10
      • FGN Masterfield MSA-HP-C
      • FGN Masterfield MSA-SP-C
      • FGN J-Standard JFL-C
      • FGN Expert FLX HP
      • FGN Masterfield MSB-CM (Semi-Hollow Bass)

    makes a total of 28, sold 18, remaining 10
    though I'm not done yet :D
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  2. elephantrider

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    Nov 21, 2015
    i can't even remember. i still have my original one i purchased, but i've had
    probably 200 or so pass through my mitts.
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  3. Shadow Explorer

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    Dec 3, 2016
    There you go!

    Century classical guitar.
    Gift from a friend, the first guitar I ever played.
    I still have her, but she is out of order.

    BC Rich NJ Virgin
    Technically I still own her, I gave it to a friend as backup

    BC Rick NJ Warlock

    Gave it to a then friend of mine.

    Washburn CS 780 '01
    Still have her.

    Epiphone Korina Explorer '99
    Sold her to a friend, he still has her.
    Somehow I miss that one.

    I might attempt to buy her back at some point :naughty:
    but I know she is in good hands.

    Gibson Explorer '06
    Still have her.

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom 7 '15
    That one is my main now.

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom 7 '16
    Had her for 10 days,
    Returned her because she had finish blemishes.

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom 7 '16
    Right now she is at home, as soon as the one below
    arrives, she will be off to be repaired under warranty.

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom 7 '16
    Waiting for her to arrive.

    Unknown Electro-acoustic guitar
    Got that one yesterday, from the same friend who gifted me
    the first one. Main reason is to start
    experimenting with repairing finishes etc.

    So 11 owned of which 6 are at home and 1 is on it's way.
    It's also indicative of how tastes change with age.
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  4. NoBucks

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    Jan 3, 2017
    I listed their names too, if they have one. All of them except for the Fender Mustang were acquired since 2012.

    • Fender Mustang Bass, Bought in high school, sold junior year in college, 1989
    • Dean XMT, sold, December 2016 (Black)
    • Peavey Millenium BXP 4-string, sold, December 2016 (Tiger's Eye Maple) (Mabel)
    • Epiphone E-Series Basher, sold, December 2016
    • Epiphone Special II, given away to a friend on Monday (Vintage Burst)

    • Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90 (Worn Black) (Punisher)
    • Epiphone Les Paul Special I (Worn Black) (Anarchist)
    • Epiphone Les Paul Special II MIRC (Alpine White)
    • Epiphone SG Junior (Worn Black)
    • Squier Bullet Stratocaster (Red)
    • Squier Affinity Telecaster (Butterscotch)
    • Dean Performer Plus Acoustic (Black Satin)
    • Peavey Grind 5 BXP (Blonde) (Steppenwolf)
    • Saga Jazz 5 (Red) (Tommy)
    • Squier Vintage Jazz Fretless (Tobacco-burst)
    • Ibanez AEB5 Acoustic (Black) (Abe)
    • Hadean Ukulele Bass (Spalted Maple)
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  5. Cozmik Cowboy

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    Oct 9, 2016
    A Winston P-Bass copy; never learned to play it, but took it apart trying figure what made it work so many times that eventually it didn't.
    Late '40s Supro Comet lap steel; never could suss it, either, so i gave to a friend for his 30th b-day - over 30 years later he still gigs it.
    Other than that, they're in my sig.
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  6. Eddie

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    Nov 23, 2016
    I've brought and sold tons of them through the years. They're almost like girlfriends. Find a hot one, play around, get bored, and trade it in for a newer, hotter model. :)

    But here are the guitars I remember:

    - Gibson Les Paul Custom, alpine white

    - ESP something something- with Floyd Rose and crackle body

    1992-2000 (I went through tons at this stage. These are the one's I remember)
    - Epiphone Les Paul Custom
    - ESP Mirage
    - Fender MIM Stratocaster
    - Gibson Explorer
    - Steinberger
    - Jackson Soloish
    - Jackson Reverse Dinky
    - Martin Backpacker

    - Epiphone Goth Explorer
    - Squier Standard Stratocaster

    - Squier Standard Stratocaster (still own)

    - 2 Squier Affinity Stratocasters
    - Squier Bullet Stratocast (still own)
    - 2 Squier Mini Stratocasters
    - 3 Epiphone Les Paul Customs - Prophecy, Black Beauty, and alpine white (still own)
    - PRS-SE 22 (still own)
    - Squier Acoustic (still own)


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  7. Eddie

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    Nov 23, 2016

    I'm going move some lumber. Then I want to try my hand at a 7-string. Too many guitars right now.

    I wanna give the 7 string a try, but they're hard to unload if I don't take to it. Not much of a market for 7 string guitars.
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  8. Shadow Explorer

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    Dec 3, 2016
    As far as €piphones go, There isn't a lot to get used to,other than the wider neck.
    If you play downtuned instruments, then it might be a good solution for you as well.:)
    These days there is a bigger market for them, though 24 3/4 scale is unpopular with extended range instruments. I still don't get it, but that's how it seems to be.
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  9. ChoKo

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    Sep 24, 2016
    I'll try to remember as best as I can...

    1970's Yamaha Acoustic - First guitar ever. A hand me down from my mom. I still own it and play it.
    Westone Spectrum ST - First electric. I still have it. It's in pieces though. :(
    Johnson Tele Copy - Piece of crap guitar. Traded it.
    Johnson Tele Copy 2 - Used for parts.
    Epi Les Paul Special II Wine Red - Traded it.
    No Name SG Copy - First SG style guitar. Didn't live up to the name. Traded it.
    Jay Turser Jazz Guitar - Traded it.
    Epi Les Paul Special II black - Traded it.
    Rogue Strat Copy - Prop guitar. Smashed on stage.
    Squier Super Sonic Blue Sparkle - A great guitar. Hard to find now. I'm not really a fender guy but I regret selling it.
    Fender Mexican Strat. Lake Placid Blue - Traded.
    Fender Mexican Tele - Traded.
    Hohner Les Paul Copy - Traded.
    Alvarez Acoustic - Still own it. Needs work.
    Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II. Gold Top - Sold it. I regret getting rid of it to this day. :(
    Epiphone Goth 1958 Explorer - Sold it. I don't really miss it but it was pretty cool.
    Oscar Schmidt Classical Guitar - Gave it away as a gift.
    Epiphone Casino - Sold it. It was nice but I didn't really need it.
    BC Rich Platinum Warlock - Still have it. It's in pieces. A possible project guitar later on.
    BC Rich Kerry King V - Sold it. Wasn't really my thing.
    Fender Mexican Strat Candy Apple Red - Had lots of issues from the start. Traded it.
    Washburn Scott Ian Signature - A lemon. Had lots of problems. Got a refund.
    Jay Turser Casino Copy - Barely used. Sold it.
    Epiphone Korina Explorer - Didn't use it much. Sold it.
    ESP LTD Eclipse 1000 - Gave as a gift.
    Agile Hornet - Piece of crap. Used for parts.
    First Act guitar - Was given to me. Was a piece of crap. Gave it away.
    First Act guitar 2 - Found it at a Goodwill for like $30. Used it for parts.
    BC Rich Custom Assassin - One of my favorites. Has a lot of sentimental meaning to me. I will never get rid of it.
    Epiphone Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst - Still have it. One of my favorite guitars.
    Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Vintage Sunburst - Still have it. A backup for the the cherry sunburst Les Paul.
    Epiphone Robb Flynn V - A great guitar but I didn't need a baritone. Traded it.
    Dean Dave Mustaine - Found at a pawn shop. Was in bad shape. Used for parts.
    Peavey Predator - Decent guitar but not really my thing. Sold it.
    Epiphone Wildkat Transparent Black - Still own it. Doesn't get much use but I like it.
    Epiphone G400 Cherry Red - My favorite guitar ever. My main guitar.
    Epiphone G400 Silverburst - A backup for the cherry SG.
    Alvarez Acoustic 2 - Still have it.
    Epiphone Tony Iommi SG Custom - Just got it.

    I think that's it, but I'm not sure. I can remember a bit from when I started playing around 1987. Memories get hazy for me around 2001-2004. Haha.

    EDIT: Can't believe I forgot to mention:

    Epiphone Tom DeLonge ES-333 - I ordered one, got it, and the neck was cracked at the nut. They sent a replacement; this one had a crack on either side of the nut and a large gouge next to the fret marker on the side of the neck at the fifth fret. I sent it back for a refund. You'd think I would have learned my lesson about ordering from this retailer... However....

    Gibson Baritone SG - This one breaks my heart. I was going thru a stage where I needed a baritone. I had the Robb Flynn but no back-up for it, so I ordered this from the same retailer as I did the Tom DeLonge. The guitar got here and it was beautiful... except for the fact that the strings were an inch away from the fretboard, there were huge gouges in the metal at the stop tailpiece, and the guitar was beginning to turn yellow. I mean, there's no excuse for any of this. I expected a new guitar and I got this. I'd expect a white guitar to turn yellow over time, but not a NEW guitar. No amount of adjustment was going to fix this neck, and the gouges in the tailpiece were just the icing on top of an already crappy cake and sealed the deal; I was sending this thing back. I have finally learned my lesson with this retailer and they wont be getting anymore business from me. Too much is too much. A friend of mine has also had bad experiences with them.

    Anyway... just thought I'd share.
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  10. MarkB

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    Jan 21, 2015
    I'm clearly an odd ball here... I've never sold a guitar... I've given three away! I gave away a no brand Jazz bass back in 88 when I bought my Aria SB. I had a Cort Korean steinberger copy for a few years that I'd been given... Couldn't get the thing to hold tune so gave it away, can't remember who to. I bought my first electric seven years ago - an Ibanez GAX30, which has since been passed on to my niece. I've had several acoustics over the years which have died on me, mostly cheap ones. My first good acoustic, a Takamine collapsed last year after 20 years hard service. I played a Sherraton in a band for a few years, but she was on loan from a bandmate - never got round to buying it off him and when the band broke up I wasn't in a place to buy it.

    So, apart from my Aria (which I've had for nearly 30 years!) all my guitars have found their way home in the last 2 and a half years! Used to buy and sell Bass amps by the truck load years ago though!
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  11. wildeman

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    Oct 17, 2015
    Man! Hard question, has to be well over 100. Shoot i got like 30 now, ill have to give this some thought. I found an old pic from around 14 years ago with 20 or so guitars in it and i only have 3 of them now.
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  12. Steven Howes

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    Jun 3, 2016
    I've had the same 61 harmony since high school( my uncles that my sister borrowed to try to learn) and my bass that I picked up a year or two later. that harmony was almost unplayable past the 5th fret, but campfire tunes were ok. I didn't start buying instruments untill 3 years ago. I still have all I bought. I've been thinking of trading the les paul in. I never liked the neck, but I like everything 4else about it.
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  13. Keefoman

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    Feb 21, 2017
    Not actually sold many guitars, but as I've been playing for many years there's a few:

    Charvel mod 4. Guessing '87. My first guitar that was mine, and not my fathers.
    Fender Stratocaster Am. Std. '79. Horrible guitar that I never got the hang of despite changing frets and so on. Think I got almost double of what I paid for it though.
    Fender Stratocaster Classic Player '60s '07 I think. Good guitar, but ended up trading it for the Baja Tele when I got my JV Strat.
    Fender Telecaster '72 Custom Reissue '86 Japanese. Great guitar, but sadly gone
    Gibson Les Paul Classic '01 Also a great guitar. Installed RS-electronics in it and Lollar imperial buckers as I didn't like the hot ceramic original PU's. Also got hardware from an R9 if I remember correctly. Got traded for one of my acoustics. (Larrivee)
    Gibson Les Paul Special DC Faded '08 I think. A good guitar, but not anywhere near my CS Special, so I let it go.
    Edwards LP "56 Goldtop" The one I somewhat would have wanted back, but sold it to finance the the CS Special

    I think that's it, so in addition to those listed in my signature and the acoustics not listed, I have owned 20 guitars all in all, and now got 12.
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  14. Fullmoon 1971

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    Feb 9, 2015
    @Paruwi @wildeman @MarkB

    Jeez guys thats a tough one. I use to them all listed and photographed but the records got lost in a house move back in 2000 (along with my EKO Florentine Semi:mad:). Heres what I can remember having owned. probably about 20 still not remebered:dunno:

    Italics = No longer owned:facepalm:
    Bold = Still Got :applause:

    Classical Acoustic #1 (Forgotten Name)
    Classical Acoustic #2 (Forgotten Name)
    Gibson Dove
    Hondo 12 String Hummingbird
    Eko Ranchero 12 string
    Vintage B300
    Ovation Celebrity
    Tanglewood TW800

    Lag GLA 100B Spring Series
    Earthfire AutumnLeaf Electro Acoustic
    Ashton Joeycoustic
    Tanglewood TW28 Seagull
    Harley Benton Steel Resonator

    Hobner Custom Mandolin
    Clevan CD50 Dreadnought
    G4M RSFG 01
    Washburn WPJ5S-B

    Crafter Hilite D-SP-VTG
    Jammin Pro 505 USB Acoustic

    James Neligan EW3000C Electro Acoustic
    Fender Vince Ray Voodoo
    Recording King RO-17
    Luna Trinity Parlour Electro Acoustic
    EKO Ranger XII (Custom painted by Tyla)

    Takamine EG-540SSC
    Skylark Nylon Skeleton Deluxe
    Ovation Tangent T247-5
    Washburn WJ40S

    The Loar 300
    Tanglewood Autumnleaf
    Gretsch G5022CWFE Rancher Falcon

    Semi Acoustics
    EROS ES-335
    EKO Florentine
    Antoria ES-330
    Epiphone Lucille
    Epiphone Studio Dot
    Hofner 1962 President
    BC Rich Dagger
    Ibanez AF-95
    Epiphone ES-335 Pro

    Washburn HB-50
    Aiersi Natural 68 Thinline Telecaster
    Parkwood PW-H4 Hybrid

    Tanglewood Tomkat TE-6JS
    Ibanez Montage 350MSC
    The Loar 309
    The Loar 301T
    Gretsch G2420T
    Gretsch G5120 Jimmy C Pinstrip
    Gretsch G5120
    Grestch G5420T
    Vintage AV3HFCR

    Squire JV Series Telecaster
    Hohner 12 String Telecaster TE
    Columbus HM Telecaster
    Squire Standard Blond Telecaster
    Squire Custom II Tele
    Tanglewood Quomaster Staus 30 #1
    Fullmoon Vintage Esquire
    Indie Super T (Blue)
    Tanglewood Quomaster Status 62 #1
    Shine WF-130

    Tanglewood Quomaster Status 30 #2
    Indie Super T (Black)
    Shine WF-175

    Squire Standard Blond Telecaster
    Aiersi Hotrod 52 Telecaster (Micawber Tribute)
    ESP LTD TE-202 Distressed Black (Ronnie Wood Tribute)

    Aiersi 66 Bound Telecaster (Albert Collins Tribute)
    Tanglewood Quomaster Status 62 #2
    Yamaha Pacifica 311MS
    Harley Benton TE-30
    Harley Benton TE-50
    Custom Build Tele

    Les Pauls
    Epiphone Black Les Paul Studio
    Hondo Gold Top Les Paul
    Columbus Blonde Les Paul Custom
    Epiphone Cherry Les Paul Standard
    Epiphone Heritage Burst Les Paul
    Epiphone Slash's Snakepit Les Paul
    Epiphone 56 Gold Top Les Paul
    Vintage VR100 CR
    Epiphone 56 Gold Top Les Paul
    Riverside 56 Les Paul Custom
    Epiphone 57 Les Paul Junior
    Fullmoon Zakk Wylde Camoflage Les Paul
    Fullmoon 59 Les Paul Reissue
    Sheridan A100
    Epiphone Les Paul Classic QMT (2002 Ltd Ed)
    Epiphone Les Paul Trans Black 1960 Tribute (2010 Edition)

    CJM Thru Neck Natural Les Paul
    Epiphone Desertburst Les Paul Plustop PRO/FX
    Gibson Vintage Natural Les Paul Classic Custom
    Gibson Satin Honeyburst Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute HB
    Vintage Lemondrop V100 PGM

    Revelation RLR
    Gibson Les Paul Traditional
    Vintage V-100 7 String Prototype

    Sid Poole Custom Build
    CSL Double Neck
    Epiphone Double Neck
    Epiphone 1961 Les Paul Custom
    Epiphone G400 Faded

    Epiphone G310
    Epiphone Worn Red Junior (2011 Ltd Ed)
    Epiphone Worn Black Junior (2011 Ltd Ed)
    Gibson Ebony 50's Tribute

    Satellite Stratocaster
    Fame Stratocaster
    Squire Black Bullet Stratocaster
    Squire Black Silver Series Stratocaster
    Squire Black Standard Series Stratocaster
    Encore Vintage Custom 57
    Marlin Sidewinder
    Richwood Blonde 57
    Encore E300 Custom Stratocaster

    Fullmoon Reverseocaster
    Fullmoon Custom Dragon Stratocaster
    Fullmoon Standard Stratocaster

    Squier Showmaster
    Custom Build EVH Strat
    Fullmoon 57 Stratocaster
    Fullmoon 64 Relic Stratocaster
    G&L Legacy Tribute Standard

    Squire 51 Vintage Modified
    Fender Tie-Dye Stratocaster
    Fullmoon Custom Stratocaster
    Westfield E1000 Stratocaster
    Encore 62 Stratocaster

    Squire Standard Stratocaster
    Westfield E1000 Stratocaster
    Vintage Icon V6MRFR
    SX Swamp Ash Stratocaster
    SX SST 57 Stratocaster

    Vintage Reissued V6LB Stratocaster
    Kramer Baretta Special (Black)
    Kramer Baretta Special (Vintage White)

    Vintage Reissued V6 JMH Fillmore
    Cort G-250

    Super Strats
    OLP MM4 Silhouette
    Ibanez GRGR09

    Ibanez SA 08 Ltd 1
    Ibanez RX20
    Shine D-211 Scorpion
    Ibanez Trans Red Burst RGA-42 TFMZ
    Maverick JR-4 Jim Root Signature Model #54

    Maverick F-1
    Maverick F-1HT
    Maverick X-1HT

    Maverick SF-3
    Maverick F-1 (Zebra Humbucker Prototype)
    ESP Ltd White H-351FR
    Ibanez RGKP6
    Jackson Adrian Smith San Dimas X
    Ibanez S-420

    Maverick JR-4 Jim Root Signature Model #56
    Maverick F-3
    Hamer SS Californian 27
    Maverick JR-4 Jim Root Signature Model #27

    Flying V's
    Riffs Flying V
    Epiphone 58 Korina Flying V
    BC Rich IT Jr.V
    Washburn Paul Stanley Collectors V
    Dean VX Classic
    Westfield E-8000 Flying V

    Ibanez Artist
    Black Thunder 1A
    Yamaha Natural 112V
    Yamaha Green 112V
    Yamaha SE 312
    Ibanez PS-10
    Burns Green Marquee
    Gould S500
    Variax 300

    BC Rich Mick 7 Warlock
    ESP Ltd F50

    Peavey HP Signature Standard
    Shine SR1 Randy Rhoads
    Musicman Emergenza Axis
    Steinberger Headless Double Neck 4 & 6
    Yamaha 520FZ
    Wesley Dominator
    BC Rich War Tribe Warlock
    ESP Ltd M100
    Shine WCA 600
    Groove Explorer
    Fullmoon EVH Baretta

    Farida FLP-26
    Fullmoon DC Custom (On Semi permanent loan to son)

    Ibanez IC300 Iceman
    Ibanez RG321 MH
    Switch Futur IV

    BC Rich NJ Eagle Classic
    BC Rich Bich Masterpiece
    Fullmoon Empire
    Dean E'lite Reissue

    Dean Dimeblade ML
    Dean Razorback DB

    Farida PRP-12
    Michael Kelly Patriot Custom

    Hamer XQ California IV
    Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue

    Hamer Archtop SATF
    Farida FLP-30

    BC Rich Mockingbird Body Art “Firebreather”
    BC Rich Mockingbird Archtop

    Hamer Honeyburst Archtop SATQ
    Line 6 Black Variax 300
    ESP Ltd Black Cherry EC-100 QM
    VOX Teaburst SDC-33
    BC Rich Trans Green Acrylic Mockingbird
    Gibson Vintage Wineburst Spirit
    PRS SE Faded Burst Bernie Marsden
    PRS SE Natural Mark Tremonti

    Samick Greg Bennett Jade Ultramatic UM3
    PRS SE Yellow Santana
    Kay Natural Thru-neck Double Cut

    Gibson Ebony Firebird Studio 70's tribute
    PRS SE Tortoise Shell 245

    BC Rich Mick 7 NJ Warlock
    Charvel Desolation Skatecaster SK-3 ST
    Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue #2
    Dean DBDT ML

    Dean Black Gold ML
    Dean Cadillac Select
    Dean ZX Classic
    OLP MM-1 Axis
    Yamaha MSG Standard
    Harley Benton BM-70

    ESP GrassRoots GA-68 (GazettE AOI Signature Model)
    ESP GrassRoots GA-74-73 (GazettE AOI Signature Model)
    Dean Avalanche 7
    Epiphone Prophecy EM-2 Custom EX

    Tanglewood Pioneer II
    PRS SE Whale Blue Tremonti Custom
    PRS SE Nick Catanese (Werewolf Artwork)
    Michael Kelly Patriot Premium

    PRS SE Santana Special
    Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR
    Schecter Omen Extreme 7

    PRS SE Marty Friedman
    Epiphone Ltd Ed Firebird 1 Joe Bonamassa “Treasure”

    No Name Rickenbacker Copy
    BC Rich Warlock Bass
    Yamaha Dyna 4 Bass

    Epiphone EB-0
    Spector Legend 4
    Fender Standard Prescision Bass
    Jim Reed Thru-neck

    Revelation RLB Les Paul Bass
    Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI
    Squier JV Series Precision Bass
    Ibanez SRX-360
    Ibanez SR-305
    Harley Benton PB-50
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  15. Scootermuppet

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    Dec 22, 2016
    That's one hell of a Memory! :shock:

    ...and one hell of a collection :thumb:
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  16. Paruwi

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    Jan 16, 2015
    Yep, I was aware of this.....:D
  17. MarkB

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    Jan 21, 2015
    Jeez, The Discovery Chanel should make a show about you!
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  18. jamdogg

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    Mar 3, 2015
    '70s Aims LP copy
    '70s Hohner LP copy
    '70s non-name LP copy
    '00s SMK LP copy
    '83, 84, 85, 87, 91 x 2 Gibson LP studios
    '87 Gibson Flametop RI LP
    Epiphone Boneyard LP
    Epiphone Slash Snakepit LP
    Epiphone Elitist LP studio
    Epiphone Elitist Goldtop LP standard
    '80s Charvel superstrat
    '94 HRRI Fender Strat
    Classic Vibe Squier Tele
    Fender RI Thinline Tele
    '81 Ibanez AS50
    PRS McCarty
    '00 Gibson LP classic
    '89 Washburn WP80
    Gretsch Sundown Serenade acoustic
    Alvarez AD-30 acoustic

    Edwards LP goldtop
    70s Hohner doublecut
    Fender Tele anniversary MIM
    ESP LTD EC-1000
    80s Antares BC Rich copy
    '85 Gibson flying V
    Gibson LP 50's tribute x 2
    Gibson Invader
    Yamaha RGX A2 USB
    Epiphone ES 339
    Kramer Assault 211FR

    I think thats everything. It is all gone except for the 2 acoustics, the Strat, the LP Classic and the Washburn. Im overdue for another Epi. I would love an AFD LP or LP Custom Classic Pro.

    (edit) forgot Squier Chris Aiken P Bass - still have this one!
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  19. Paruwi

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    Jan 16, 2015
    edited the start-post, cause I've recently sold the Epi LP-Junior #2
    and the Jaguar-Style guitar
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  20. Dun Ringill

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    Feb 25, 2015
    That's one hell of a list, Fullmoon! Luckily, my list is a little smaller. In no particular order:

    Epiphone Les Paul Standard HCB 2006
    Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony 2006
    Epiphone G400 Ebony
    Epiphone Les Paul Studio Turquoise 1998
    Epiphone Les Paul 60s Tribute plus Black Cherry
    Epiphone Custom Blackback
    Epiphone Custom Ebony
    Epiphone Custom 1955
    Epiphone Tony Iommi SG Ebony

    Kramer Focus 3000 Candy red 1987
    Kramer Striker 300ST White 1985
    Kramer Focus 6000 Yellow 1987
    Kramer SC211 Trans Black
    Kramer SC211 Fireburst
    Kramer Striker 400st Candy Red
    Kramer Pacer Translucent Red 1983
    Kramer Focus 3000 Black
    Kramer Focus 2000 Candy Blue 1985
    Kramer SM-1 Ebony
    Kramer Focus 3000 Candy Blue 1985

    Gibson Les Paul Studio Fireburst 2008
    Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute 2013
    Gibson Les Paul Futura Plum Insane 2014
    Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute Honey Burst 2016

    Squier Affinity Strat Blue (was $35! Plays great!)
    Squier Affinity Telecaster Butterscotch
    Squier Affinity Strat HSS Olympic White
    Squier Affinity Strat Olympic White
    Squier Affinity Strat Green
    Squier Standard Strat Sunburst
    Squier 60th anniversary Strat Ebony

    Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Strat Sunburst
    Fender Deluxe 72 Telecaster Sunburst

    Memphis Les Paul Copy
    Kent SG copy
    Ibanez RG3exfm1 Red quilt

    Kraken Les Paul Custom copy Emerald Burst
    Ibanez AG95 Full Hollowbody Bubinga

    Applause AA14?
    Ovation CC057 Ebony
    Yamaha FD02
    Recording King ROS-G9M
    Epiphone Masterbuilt DR500CE

    Generic unlabeled classical guitar
    Taylor 320CE 2014
    Val Dez Classical Guitar (ancient. Looks like a solid top but cannot verify)
    Epiphone 12 String DR 212

    The other stuff
    McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer
    Johnson Mandolin
    Gold Tone Octave Mandolin OM 800+
    First Act Mountain Dulcimer
    Ibanez Banjo B200
    Epiphone Electar Lap Steel

    I am confident that I have missed a couple. The red ones are gone.
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