"Hugely" upgraded Epi Sheraton II

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    Epiphone Sheraton II $700 + split shipping

    Manufactured in 2002 in Korea
    The Epiphones made during these years from Korea that have the Gibson truss rod covers are considered some of the best Epiphones on the market.

    This guitar is in excellent, near mint shape, with no nicks, scratches or issues. Comes with hard case

    The guitar as gone through major upgrades, really turning it into an instrument with a massive tone range. All of the original parts, hardware, electronics, and pickups are included.

    Here are the upgrades:

    - All gold hardware (every single screw, washer, etc) has been changed out for chrome.

    - Pickups have been replaced with Jim Wagner WCR Fillmore Humbuckers (paid $300 new). These pickups are modeled after Duane Allman's guitar used in the Live at Fillmore recording. These are world renowned Boutique pickups. You can read about them here: http://www.jimwagnerpickups.com/fillmore_set.html -- In addition to being some of the best Humbuckers you can buy, they are also known for having some of the best splittable tones. Both neck and bridge humbuckers are splittable.

    - Tuners have been replaced by Grover Tuners (cost $70)

    - All electronic have been replaced with a Tone Man wiring harness for vintage 50s tone (cost $110). You can read more about it here: https://www.tonemanguitar.com/store/c33/ES335_Gibson_/_Epiphone.html - the harness uses Bourns 500K Vintage-Style Potentiometers, Vintage K42Y-2 Paper-In-Oil Russian 630v Capacitors, Switchcraft 3-Way Short Straight Toggle Switch, and Vintage 22awg Braided cloth push back wiring. It also has push-pull on the Tone knobs to split the pickups.

    - TonePros Bridge and Tailpiece (cost $125)

    This is one of the best playing, most versatile, greatest tone-range guitars I have ever owned. The only reason I am selling is I just had a ES-335 left to me and I would rather have a different style guitar instead of 2 semi-hollow bodies.


    More Pix here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ikcndB_CEaLpzUAAdVxGdngQ6U8lH1rL

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