Min Etune system installation

Discussion in 'Epiphone Guitars' started by Cornholio, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Cornholio

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    Mar 21, 2020
    So I was thinking about putting Gibson’s Min Etune system on my epiphone studio deluxe. I know I need to remove the guitar’s bushings, but do I need to do any excess drilling? I don’t really want to take it to a professional if it’s not necessary.
  2. Raiyn

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    Jun 16, 2017
    There's two questions:

    1. Does the min-etune actually line up with the tuner holes?
    2. Why would you bother?
    The robot tuners were an absolute disaster for Gibson, in terms of sales and in operation. If it were me, I'd invest in a set of locking tuners and a quality tuning pedal before I'd bother with Tronical / min-etune. The locking tuners would simplify string changes as much or more than the robotuner and the pedal would be more accurate.
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  3. Davis Sharp

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    Jul 12, 2016
    Welcome to Epi-Talk. I think you're going against traffic, because more people were taking off the system than were putting it on. But good luck with it. Maybe there's a tutorial on YouTube, but you probably looked there before you asked here.
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  4. Dogbreath

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    Nov 12, 2016
    I tried putting one on a Gibson LP Faded and the thing just didn’t work. There was too much drag at the nut. That’s probably one reason that Gibson used a titanium zero fret. I just sent the thing back.
  5. IGRocker

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    Jan 20, 2015
    I’ll echo the others, and avoid the system. They were trash when they were new. That said, if you do go forward, find a unit that was on an Epiphone model to ensure tuner post spacing is correct. The Gibson unit likely won’t fit the Epiphone without plugging and redrilling new holes, which would put the tuner pegs in an odd position. You’ll want either a brass or titanium nut as well.
  6. Old Woody

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    Feb 12, 2020
    I don't know about the Min Etune I took off the latest G sync from my Firebird the thru holes are 10mm and I was able to find locking tuners without having to drill holes at all as the Gsync attach using nuts to fasten them to the headstock tuner holes I would imagine the min Etunes are the same but why? for the love of everything sacred would you subject yourself to a piece of junk like gibson's flawed tuning systems.
  7. Cozmik Cowboy

    Cozmik Cowboy Active Member

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    Oct 9, 2016
    IIRC, that foolishness had an accuracy of ± 2.5 cents (as opposed to ± 0.1 cent for strobes and virtual strobes - perfect for set-ups - and ± 1 cent for all other tuners - good enough for stage tuning). That means that it is quite possible for it to tell you you're "in tune" when you actually have a 5-cent spread. That is not, by any stretch of the imagination, in tune.

    If you don't yet have the min-etune, spend the money on a Peterson Clip-Strobe.
    If you do have it, defend all that is good and decent by striking it repeatedly with the largest hammer you can find.
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