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  1. redpaul1
    Happy to be here.
  2. Oakman29
    Insanely loving this 2020 Les Paul purple worn.
  3. Jurgen_er
    Can anyone help me dating a serial number? I have a LP special II I guess but the back is different from others I've seen.
  4. BGood
    Thanks Peter
  5. Paruwi
    Paruwi BGood
    Happy Birthday Jean !
    Have a GREAT Day
  6. BigAl
    Can anyone tell me how to date my epiphone texan? It has "used" stamped on the back side of the head and the only label is the original one.
    1. BigAl
      The blue on in the sound hole
      Jul 4, 2020
  7. Donutz
    Finding New & Creative Ways To Dead The Hi E
  8. Jam Handy
    Jam Handy Petar Markov
    I think most of these dealers sell internationally. You'll probably need to email one of more of them to make a connection.
  9. Jam Handy
  10. Petar Markov
    Petar Markov
    People, please HELP! looking to buy a ES 335 PRO ICED TEA. That is my dream guitar. I am from North Macedonia. Please help me. I am new here
  11. GibPhone
    or es-335
  12. Patrick Orville Fischer
    Patrick Orville Fischer
    Epiphone guitars in my arsenal are as follows: Epiphone Les Paul custom 100th Anniversary 2015, Epiphone Les Paul custom 2020.
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  13. GibPhone
    Epiphone Standard.
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  14. Joshua L Loewen
    Joshua L Loewen
    Forever in search of ‘80-‘84 Epi Riviera Matsumoku! WR if possible. Message me if you wanna sell plea$$$e!
  15. Bill Crispano
    Bill Crispano
    How does one delete pictures?
  16. Bill Crispano
    Bill Crispano
    I have a strange question, has anyone had a problem with the cooler on there Les Paul? When I bought mine it was a beautiful Blue now purple
    1. James Giaquinto
      James Giaquinto
      Is it in direct sunlight? all I can think of that would affect the color.
      Apr 21, 2020
  17. Gordon David Stafford
    Gordon David Stafford
    just joined, looking to purchase an EF-500RA auditorium size. Anyone with a clean one for sale, please let me know. Thanks
    1. Raiyn
      Post a thread in the classified section
      Mar 28, 2020
  18. Suz
    New to Epiphone and electric guitars, in general. Decided it was time to try playing again.
  19. Suz
    Politics is a fool's errand.
    1. Raiyn
      Which is why we don't talk about it here. :cheers:
      Feb 10, 2020
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  20. Alfajock
    Serial swapper of guitars and parts. Current Epi herd: Ebony EJ200, VS ES339 Pro, VS LP PTP, Cherry ES339 Ultra.
    1. BigAl
      Could you point me in the right direction to date my epiphone insp by Texan?
      Jul 4, 2020