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  1. Steve Ray
    Steve Ray
    I am a recent member here and am looking forward to the exchanges I will experience over the next few years.
  2. Steve Ray
    Steve Ray
    Greetings from the Hoosier State!
  3. Patrick Orville Fischer
    Patrick Orville Fischer
    Love it; like it, Rock on mates. tnx for the Trophies Award.
  4. Patrick Orville Fischer
    Patrick Orville Fischer
    Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Acoustic-Electric 2017 all redone with a bone saddle and nut along with bone bridge pins.
  5. Patrick Orville Fischer
    Patrick Orville Fischer
    Epiphone SG Custom Black 2020, Epiphone Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa ES-355 2018, Epiphone FT-30 CABALLERO Acoustic-Electric.
  6. Patrick Orville Fischer
    Patrick Orville Fischer
    Epiphone Les Paul Modern Electric Guitar (Sparkling Burgundy), 2020, Epiphone Les Paul Modern Guitar (Graphite Black) 2020.
  7. Steven Westberg
    Steven Westberg
    Deaf today, deaf tomorrow
  8. Steven Westberg
  9. redpaul1
    Happy to be here.
  10. Oakman29
    Insanely loving this 2020 Les Paul purple worn.
  11. Jurgen_er
    Can anyone help me dating a serial number? I have a LP special II I guess but the back is different from others I've seen.
  12. BGood
    Thanks Peter
  13. Paruwi
    Paruwi BGood
    Happy Birthday Jean !
    Have a GREAT Day
  14. BigAl
    Can anyone tell me how to date my epiphone texan? It has "used" stamped on the back side of the head and the only label is the original one.
    1. BigAl
      The blue on in the sound hole
      Jul 4, 2020
  15. Donutz
    Finding New & Creative Ways To Dead The Hi E
  16. Jam Handy
    Jam Handy Petar Markov
    I think most of these dealers sell internationally. You'll probably need to email one of more of them to make a connection.
  17. Jam Handy
  18. Petar Markov
    Petar Markov
    People, please HELP! looking to buy a ES 335 PRO ICED TEA. That is my dream guitar. I am from North Macedonia. Please help me. I am new here
  19. GibPhone
    or es-335
  20. Patrick Orville Fischer
    Patrick Orville Fischer
    Epiphone guitars in my arsenal are as follows: Epiphone Les Paul custom 100th Anniversary 2015, Epiphone Les Paul custom 2020.
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