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  1. Vince Brizio
  2. Phillip G Richardson
    Phillip G Richardson
    How do you contact Epiphone I have an issue with my newly purchased j200 jumbo
  3. billmag
    billmag with it.
  4. Steve JM
    Steve JM
    Alive and Kicking.
    1. Paruwi
      Welcome here @ €piTalk
      Mar 21, 2021
  5. Jerry huth
    Jerry huth
    I would love to find out any info on it. It’s a 2006 special ii.
  6. Otto99
    Otto99 Stillhouse
    Welcome, fellow Still Game fan!
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  7. Todd Pire
    Todd Pire
    May your life someday be as good as you make it out to be on Facebook.
  8. donald thomas
    donald thomas
    Don Thomas Artist -Musician Los Angeles 2 Epiphone LP Customs Alpine &Ebony
  9. Maekong
    Spending my Covid-sponsored free time trying to make the world a brighter place. That, and drinking Scotch. Lots and lots of Scotch.
  10. nick angelo
    nick angelo
    2020 classic
  11. BlackSG91
    BlackSG91 Biddlin
    I hope you don't hate me...I apologize for being mean to Raiyn because he has mental issues like me. I know how it feels...I have mental issues...I wish I could solve them.
  12. BlackSG91
    BlackSG91 Biddlin
    How are things going with you and down in California? Those wildfires were pretty scary. These are very trying times as you know. I hope things are going well for you. Many things are happening at my end.
  13. cmiri
    cmiri ScottMarlowe
    Anybody know if the Nighthawk Fanatic pickups will be made available for purchase by us who have older Nighthawk Custom Reissues?
    1. Raiyn
      This isn't the private messaging system
      Jan 28, 2021
  14. Steve Ray
    Steve Ray
    Scientist say there are 1 to 3 ounces of urine per person in a pool. I do my part.
  15. macwell52
    Where and when
  16. Mark302De
    Just gotta love those Epiphone Les Paul's I own 3 and am very happy with them
  17. Hogjaw
    Hiding in the quiet spaces between notes
  18. Don Ricardo
    Don Ricardo
    Please Delete My Account
    1. Raiyn
      Just let it go dormant.
      Jan 5, 2021
  19. Don Ricardo
    Don Ricardo
  20. Jeremy Crockett
    Jeremy Crockett
    I just did a thing.