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    Polishing a 1959 Les Paul's "Aged Finish"?

    Turtle Wax rubbing compound is 1500 grit, polishing is 2500. I'm just waiting for tuners coming in any day to give it a go.
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    Epiphone Mustaine V!

    Is that the guy who wrote Mustaine Sally ?
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    Gibson Les Paul Standard 1952 (counterfeit) question

    I'm trading that Studio for a SG Tribute on Wednesday.
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    Gibson Les Paul Standard 1952 (counterfeit) question

    I do think it's great, maybe not fancy or shaped and shiny, but great nonetheless. What more you'll get with a higher end Gibson than a Studio, is just that, fancy and blingy. Cream bindings, nice fretboard and headstock inlays, etc. Nothing that makes it play or sound better. Get a Studio...
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    Gibson Les Paul Standard 1952 (counterfeit) question

    If you were ready to put $700 on a fake, today's Standard LP, 50's or 60's have a suggested retail price of one dollar less than that.
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    P90 situation

    A single coil is a single coil, embrace it. Or, move away from the amp, get a filter for its power. There's always an angle to the amp where the hum disappear.
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    Gibson Les Paul Standard 1952 (counterfeit) question

    Anna three ... If there was no logo, it would simply be a copy. With the logo, it is counterfeit, illegal. Get an Epiphone.
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    Rest in peace

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    Are Epiphone Les Paul MIJ legit?

    Yep, legit. Have you looked at the new Epiphone lately, Look up the headstock.
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    'Inspired by Gibson' Epi LP's

    Standard has Probuckers 2&3, Classic has Alnico Classics. Both have A2 magnets. Classic have a fairly low output at 6K compared to the Probuckers 7.75 / 8.75. Have you tried playing with the Classics height ?
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    Marshall AVT Tribute 50W

    I was offered one (mint) in a trade, that would be $$ favorable to me (would cost me $250 CAD). Would be for home use only. I am not a Marshall connoisseur. I once had an Origin 20 and didn't bond with it. What's the good and the bad of it ? If I don't like it, are they easy to sell ?
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    What Epiphones are in your Near Future?

    Nope. Spontaneous if I get one. like I see the ad, I think about it ... for a minute, and if the thought of it has been sitting in the back of my brain for some time, pounce.
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    Can anyone date my SG Jnr......

    Oh yeah !
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    Saw these for sale, thought I’d share. Beautiful!!

    Links don't work
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    Bonamassa ES-355. New pickups wanted

    Wouldn't it just make a difference when you roll down some knobs ?

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