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    Lets see those 59 Standard's (all variants)

    No image ... Edit .. damed charcoal internet.
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    59 aged cherry fade

    Hmm ... interior incandescent lighting does bring that extra hue to warm colors. Just look at the pickguard. I bet that if it's photographed under natural light (outside in the shade), it will lose some or that orangy tint.
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    Damned ! Too far.

    I'm going 1200km the other way next week. I think I'll pass.
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    Damned ! Too far.

    Only 1600km return trip, ± $350 in gas, as much in lodging and food.
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    Damned ! Too far.

    Add doesn't say, but from the pictures, the neck seem pretty beefy. At 400 Canadian pesos obo, if it was next door, I'd jump on it.
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    Emg's in an SG

    I've seen batteries crammed in the control cavity.
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    NGD - Cherry bliss

    More like this ?
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    NGD - Cherry bliss

    Is the plastic still on that bridge P90 ?
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    Serial number not found.

    And ... the photos ?
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    New Epiphone, Power Player

    WOW ! Good move Epiphone ... again.
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    Show your Other Guitars

    Hole on the lower side you won't see. You could leave the top screw in or fill the hole.
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    Show your Other Guitars

    I think it would look much better without the big black plastic blob that hides the f hole.
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    What model is this?

    Hadn't ssen it that way. Could be argued ...
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    What model is this?

    I would have said it isn't older because of the veneer on it. That is the year they started using veneer on SGs. My 2005 Vintage G400.