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    Show your Epiphones

    My NGD! I walked into the local shop to use up a $200 credit I had, meaning to get a Superstrat, and I walked in on this! It came home with me, and I *love* it! 339 Pro
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    Epiphone Dot (2013) neck thickness vs. current IBG 335.

    Does anyone have one of each of these? A used Dot is up on offer for a decent price, but I want a chunky neck like the current IBG 335/339's have.
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    Epi ProBuckers v Alnico Classic Pro Humbuckers

    I can tell you this, the pickups in the LP Classic's are *hot*. I fell head over heels in love with mine out of the blue, and I am sure you will too! And you get coil splitting too!
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    What Epi guitar is 'on top' of your 'must have list'

    Not going to lie, I am eyeing that '59 Les Paul, even though I just got a LP Classic in 2021. I am also considering a Worn Casino or a TV Yellow LP Special.
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    NGD- Olive Casino

    I found the sound of the "Worn" Casinos to far surpass the "regular" Casinos, and the playability is only a little better on the latter, which I believe costs around $200 more. I have heard that the necks on the "Worn" models wear in *really* nicely over time. I think they're a fantastic guitar...
  6. Les Paul Classic

    Les Paul Classic

    2020 Epiphone Les Paul Classic in Honeyburst! my first electric guitar in 15 years!
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    Show your Epiphones

    Here's mine!Les Paul Classic by GenghisBomb posted Jan 3, 2022 at 12:24 AM I put this on layaway right around a year ago today! It's my first electric guitar in about 15 years (I took a long hiatus from playing!). I have since bought a Fender MIM Strat, a Gretsch Semihollow with P90's, and just...

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