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    NGD: Gibson Es-390

    Yeah kind of feels that way! The no-look cowboy chords are now a staple of my playing style
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    Sherry gets new pickups...

    This is not a mold. If you think it is you never work with machinery And people say they want to see evidence but all I’ve ever found out by doing so is that it just makes them dig their heels even more
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    Sherry gets new pickups...

    Nope; the point of faking things is to make MONEY. I’ve said this detail to you before so; What part of “machine-stamped multiple Epiphone logos on a toggle switch is not financially viable to fake because noone will give a flying duck” don’t you understand? ^^^This isn’t fake, it’s not “just...
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    Sherry gets new pickups...

    No, i have actual hands on experience with the Epiphone version on the Zephyr and the eBay versions. I examined them both. That’s evidence to me: That’s what the OP asked for thats what i presented. As far as the Chinese deals i could be wrong but it doesn’t matter what we say, when he plays...
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    Sherry gets new pickups...

    From my experience it’s the real deal. Every company in china has to open up an equivalent Chinese company if you want to sale in China. So someone purchases them wholesale domestically and sells them through ebay and Aliexpress My proof was the cooked nickel finish minibuckers from the Zephyr...
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    NGD: Gibson Es-390

    Could’ve been worse. The Casino coupe but with Minis. So light and loud unplugged!
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    NGD: Gibson Es-390

    Found out why it was so cheap: neck is twisted. The nut and saddles have been compensated. The light strings make an S shape from the trapeze to the post. Not sure if i should worry or have someone look at it but it plays fine
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    NGD: Gibson Es-390

    What a year! Finally found this in the color I wanted! Price was a steal Personally I associate the mini humbucker sound to Epiphone; This small full hollow body should have been an Epiphone but I’ll settle for Gibson
  10. Gibson Epiphone doesn’t make

    Gibson Epiphone doesn’t make

    For guitars you wish Gibson made an Epi version
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    What did you do to your Epiphone today?

    So i took my Sheraton to get fret level and a local guitar store. He tried to tell me i just needed a setup an charge me 50 bucks. I think he thought I wouldn’t notice he did nothing to it. I tell it had the same strings and bunch of dead stops on the A string. Said must have been a mix up...
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    A new What’s For Dinner thread

    Popeyes... Can’t remember last time i had it. Maybe was when we first moved here but I’ll soon remember why I don’t order it more often
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    Replace wraparound bridge by tune-o-matic style bridge?

    Schaller makes a retrofit trem that can be mounted on a wrap-around post
  15. Epi Sherry Reissue

    Epi Sherry Reissue

    2012 with Tremotone

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