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    Emg's in an SG

    you must be aware that you need to change the potentiometers and the socket, the battery will fit
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    Educate me - Epiphone Elitist SG '61 (MIJ)

    in Poland I once saw such a SG for about 600 $. it's on ebay since 2003 MIJ for $ 999
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    Squier Quality Control?

    I had a few sq standard cv, vm and a bad word I can't say. You just got it wrong, it happens
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    I am looking to buy a Gibson Humbucker

    I am looking to buy a Burstbucker pro bridge Quick connect, only europe
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    Firebird with no serial number?

    nice mess on the bridge, sounded good in every position?
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    EpiphoneTalk P90 club.
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    EpiphoneTalk P90 club.
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    Les Paul Billy Joe Armstrong

    in fact, this model is nowhere to be found. One store that offered it on the Internet did not have the current inventory.
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    Les Paul Billy Joe Armstrong

    I'm going to order a white Les Paul Billy Joe Armstrong, does anyone have a guitar like that? I once tested the Epi special with the P-90 and somehow I did not like the sound. I would probably replace the P-90 with a Gibson or SD. is the level of workmanship and finish the same as the Epi...
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    Show your Amps...

    Let me put it this way ... it is powerful, thick, fleshy distortion. A bit different sound than the traditional DSL on the amp in marshall dsl15h collection
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    Best drop-in bridge for late-90s Epiphone LP Jr?

    warning if someone tries to mount a Gotoh 510ub to a Gibson. the bridge screws are metric and they do not fit the sleeves pressed into the gibson body because they have an inch thread. It is also necessary to replace the bushing in the body, which means further problems because they have a...
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    my first Jackson bass

    I bought it discounted after returning to the store, very cheap, great equipment in this price range, and since I have 12 guitars, I treated this as a platform for mods and playing with a soldering iron
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    my first Jackson bass

    Harley Benton DC Custom only wood remains original, this is a test guitar for pickups and other parts.
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    my first Jackson bass

    today I swapped with a friend, gave Jackson the Adrian Smith SDX for the Jackson Dave Ellefson bass kelly bird iv rs. This is my first bass and I'm starting to learn
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    Best drop-in bridge for late-90s Epiphone LP Jr?

    what were your total ebay shipping costs? custom duty? tax? shipping in PL 3zl, or about 0.7 €