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    Dont trust Butch!

    Well, Butch's music tried to sell a reissue 65 twin as authentic. Then they called me an idiot for falling for it. I got my money back, but not after they insulted me for thinking It was a good deal on a beat to hell reissue. F those guys. F Reverb too for letting a fraudulent ad on their site...
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    New Korina Flying V and Explorer

    Anyone try these out yet? I did and was very pleasantly surprised! The woodwork is really good and the necks are great! Out of the box they sounded OK. Then I put SD Seth Lover pickups, 1 Meg pullpots for Out of Phase, Series/Parallel, and Both Coil taps, Gold Knurled Knobs, Switchcraft...
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    Hello there

    Unfortunately, my normal photos seem to big to post! Not like any other site which can handle 4 of my pics at a time. I would have liked to share all my mods but oh well! I’m outa here!

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