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  1. Wilshire P90

    Replacement knobs for Epiphone

    One thing I noticed about the course spline pots Epiphone used on my Wilshires, they put the knobs pretty high off the top of the guitar, where as the fine spline pots put the knobs .050" or so. And like others have mentioned, the fine splined knobs won't fit the course splined pots and vice-versa.
  2. Wilshire P90

    which music video's feature an Epiphone?

    Humble Pie (1971 Rollin' Stone), the little guy on the right is Steve Marriott, the guy on the left is Peter Frampton. Steve Marriott is playing what appears to be a 61-62 cherry finished Coronet with some kind of custom pick guard, Marriott was known to tinker with his guitars and owned several...
  3. Wilshire P90

    What year did they make this? (E422T)

    From what I know about vintage Wilshires, the bikini logo (the white and gold metal headstock badge) went out of use in very early 61, in fact I've only ever seen one example of a 61 with the bikini logo. The New York pickups ran out in late 59, so that narrows yours down to either 58 or 59...
  4. Wilshire P90

    Epiphone Price Jumping

    I bought my cherry Wilshire back in August of 2021 for $449, I just bought a black Wilshire and payed $499, yepp, price jump. But I still think the black Wilshire was a heck of a deal considering how good it is.
  5. Wilshire P90

    Hello from Sweden!

  6. Wilshire P90

    Show your Epiphones

    Thanks! I was waiting for someone to ask about the mods, I had the guitar for four days before I did the first wave of mods. First, I made a custom pickguard out of Lexan that would mount Firebird pickups, painted the underside a gunmetal metallic (in person the flake pops nicely), then rewired...
  7. Wilshire P90

    Show your Epiphones

  8. Wilshire P90

    Show your Epiphones

    I picked up a second Wilshire last Thursday, a black one this time.
  9. Wilshire P90

    What (non Epi) guitar is 'on top' of your 'must have list'

    My dream guitar, a Gibson Explorer Custom Shop benchmark 59, I'll never be able to own one, but sure would love to.
  10. Wilshire P90

    Hello from Kansas

    Welcome!, I've been to your fine state a few times for work, (Wichita) you wouldn't be from Wichita would you?
  11. Wilshire P90

    What are those sellers smoking ?

    Thanks! :D I have quite a bit of experience dealing with the domestic authority.
  12. Wilshire P90

    What are those sellers smoking ?

    It's possible that some of these overpriced guitars are owned by married men, married men who's wives tell them, "you have too many guitars, sell some of them so I can buy more shoes" married man says, "I don't want to sell off my guitars" so married man says "what if I put them up for sale but...
  13. Wilshire P90

    Silly people living near you

    You just described the house next door to me, thankfully there's a vacant lot between their house and mine. It isn't really their house, they rent. From what I can tell, they've been running a boarding house. I've seen as many as 12 people (and a hoopty car parked out in the street for each of...
  14. Wilshire P90

    Hello from Norway

    Welcome, I'm of Norwegian decent, my family once hailed from Stavanger.
  15. Wilshire P90

    Hello from North Carolina

    Welcome! Post some pics of your guitars. :wave:
  16. Wilshire P90

    Show Your Red Guitars!

    I have a couple red guitars, basses count, right?
  17. Wilshire P90

    EpiphoneTalk P90 club.

    Thanks! I made it myself.
  18. Wilshire P90

    EpiphoneTalk P90 club.

    I not only own a P90 guitar, I even have "P90" in my user name, I should have a cabinet position in this club ;) On a side note, this club was founded on my birthday!
  19. Wilshire P90

    New from Rockford, IL

    Thanks! :)
  20. Wilshire P90

    Newbie from wales

    Welcome! I'm new here too.