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  1. Lancpudn

    Youtube notifications!

    Youtube in their infinite wisdom have decided to stop sending out email notifications for new videos/premiers from your subscribed channels since the 13th of August :confused::dunno: You can still get notifications on your mobile phone youtube app but not on a desktop PC, Someone said they...
  2. Lancpudn

    Line 6 custom tone library!

    I've had a tune in my head for over a week now, It's Mcartney's Wings 'Band on the run' so I picked up my guitar and started to learn the song, I have a couple of Line 6 interfaces for running into my PC, a Guitarport /Podfarm & a Pod XT Live floorboard. I opened the online custom tone library...
  3. Lancpudn


    I'm looking to get a greenhouse again as I enjoyed the one I used to have many moons ago, but it took second fiddle to old/classic cars back then & I needed the space for project cars :thumb: I've been looking in the local rag and there are some good sized used aluminium framed ones at decent...
  4. Lancpudn

    Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic series

    I was always interested in an electric 12 string guitar as many of the bands I like, Beatles, Hollies, Byrds etc played them. I really hoped Squier was going to do an electric 12 string in their Classic or Vintage modern series but alas it wasn't to be. I emailed Fender numerous times asking if...
  5. Lancpudn

    New Strat neck

    I decided I'm going to replace the rosewood neck on my lake placid blue strat with a maple neck. This Strat neck is from China (Shenzhen) and I must say it's very nice quality indeed, vintage satin stain and no sharp edges at all on the fret ends, saying it only cost £23 delivered to my door...
  6. Lancpudn

    Brit tourist racks up £36000 in speeding fines in four hours.

    Holy Moly this guy is in for a shock when he returns the rented super car whilst on holiday in Dubai :wow::ohno:
  7. Lancpudn

    Chicken Salt

    Hey Digger you kept this quiet mate! I shall be trying out this recipe and just ordered the ingredients online.
  8. Lancpudn

    Getting old sucks

    It's funny how the jobs you used to do not so long ago effortlessly seem to be a real hard chore nowadays. :frown: I've got the annual MOT test on my old Rover 75 car in the next few weeks and I needed to start getting on top of a few jobs otherwise the car will fail the test & be off the road...
  9. Lancpudn

    Squier VM Jazzmaster

    I did a clean up on my den yesterday, the guitars in the rack were embarrassingly covered in dust:frown: The last guitar I hoovered the dust off & polished was my Squier Jazzmaster. I bought it over two years ago along with a EHX Ravish Sitar pedal, They're such a great playing guitar, I find...
  10. Lancpudn

    Mount Vesuvius

    Mount Vesuvius has been billowing a lot of smoke over the past few weeks, check out this ghoulish face in the billowing smoke. :cool: Is this an ominous sign of certain eruption!
  11. Lancpudn

    All our yesterdays!

    I love watching these old 'Look at life' short films, they were shown in the cinema before or between the main films back in the day. They are a look at how things were in the 50' & 60's, Mainly transport related. A bit more up to date than the older Pathe news reels. Great memories for me but...
  12. Lancpudn

    Epiphone Sheraton!

    It's a rainy day so I thought I'd give my Epiphone Sheraton a clean & play along to a song (white rabbit by Jefferson Airplane) that's been stuck in my head for days. I used a custom backing track from karaoke version they cost a couple of quid but you can mute whatever track you are playing &...
  13. Lancpudn

    Nano copter swarm

    How cool is this. :cool:
  14. Lancpudn

    Play a record with a new banknote!

    The new polymer five pound note is just about capable of playing a vinyl record. :applause:
  15. Lancpudn

    12 days of xmas song....

    Our mates down under need another day adding to the '12 days of Christmas' song ;)....on the 13th day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a python in a pear tree. :rofl::shock: Does everything try to kill you down there! LOL :thumb...
  16. Lancpudn

    My Epiphone Sheraton....

    ...and how I came to own it. About 6 years ago a friend of a friend mentioned by chance that his friends son had a 96 Epi Sheraton that he wanted to trade for a head & cabinet. I stupidly bought a Hartke 60W piggy back amp & cab with 4 x 8" speakers on the recommendation of another forum & I...
  17. Lancpudn

    Hello from Lancashire UK

    Hello, I signed up to this new forum early last year & kinda forgot about it:rolleyes: I must say the design & layout of this forum is really good:cool: I have a 96 Sheraton & a 96 Epi LP that I've refurbished, It was my first "proper guitar" & had seen better days, the frets ere rutted & those...
  18. Lancpudn


    It's funny how you get used to the sound of old strings:frown: I must admit to neglecting my Epi of late & hadn't played it in ages :o. I decided to re-string / lemon oil the neck & a general polish this afternoon:thumb: It sounds wonderful again with a set of Rotosounds 10's :thumb: