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  1. Supersonic

    What model ?

    Since it's got a bolt-on neck, maybe it's this. It says one of the color options was Trans Black (TB). EDIT: Just saw the back of the headstock in your pic. "LP-STUDIO-STD"? :dunno:
  2. Supersonic

    How's Your Weather Today?

    I'm leaving Sunday night to go house-sit at my little brother's place in Nashville. He and his wife are going to a festival and I will be there for 7 or 8 days. I'm not too happy with this forecast. Luckily they have a pool or I was gonna have to borrow the one @Paruwi has. "My blood is too...
  3. Supersonic

    "Where Does The Tone Come From In An Electric Guitar"

    "Where Does The Tone Come From In An Electric Guitar"? #1 - AMP!!
  4. Supersonic

    Show your Amps...

    I've always been a little curious about those sonic maximizers. Like, what exactly does that do if you go straight into it and then directly to your amp? Or is it just something to spruce up rack gear?
  5. Supersonic

    What did you do to your Epiphone today?

    I don't really like KISS but there's just something about that guitar that draws me in. It has just the right amount of weirdness for me to really dig it. Looking nice and sparkly out in the sun too. 👍
  6. Supersonic

    TT " Electric Blue " Pickups .

    I'll have two number 1's please. N & B.
  7. Supersonic

    '56 GT owners

    @jcwillow777 Hey, I remember you from the old Gibson forum. We both had Epi '65 SGs with Maestros and you were cool enough to take a pic of the vibrola on yours so I could compare it to mine because I thought it was bent. :wave:
  8. Supersonic

    Joe Pass Emperor II

    I hate it when I write invisible posts 👻 I wouldn't ever sell it either. Seems like Epi knocked it out of the park with that one like they did with the '55 LP Custom.
  9. Supersonic

    Joe Pass Emperor II There are many on Reverb and eBay too.
  10. Supersonic


    Some not-so-horrible news for a change.
  11. Supersonic

    NGD 60's Standard

    I'd be calling to thank them and I'd leave the pickguard on. 😎
  12. Supersonic


    FAR better. At least if you could buy it in a store it wouldn't be laced with fentanyl like everything on the street is.
  13. Supersonic

    Epiphone Casino VS?

    It usually stands for Vintage Sunburst.
  14. Supersonic

    Immaculate 1977 FT-150.

    That sucker looks brand new! I used to have one of those MIJ Epi acoustics. Can't remember the model number (it was pretty much like yours but without the herringbone). All laminate, bolt on neck, zero fret. Mine had a Kalamazoo label so it must have been early 70s. I was shocked at how loud it...
  15. Supersonic


    THREE more mass shootings this weekend including another one a little over an hour away in Chattanooga. It's gotten to the point that I don't even want to read the news anymore. When's it gonna stop folks? 156 days, at least 240 mass shootings Some 156 days into 2022, the country has now seen...
  16. Supersonic

    Explorerbird, Yes or No?

    I say no. I think it should have Firebird pickups at least.
  17. Supersonic


    I hate to say it but I don't know if making things illegal will make that much difference sadly. Most drugs are illegal and I can get them just as easily as a 6-pack of beer (I'm not saying it's the same thing so don't come at me about that). My point is, if people want something bad enough...
  18. Supersonic

    Top Gun 2 Maverick

    Some people hate it but my favorite Tom Cruise movie is Eyes Wide Shut.
  19. Supersonic

    Epi EJ 200 (coupe)

    Is it new? The factory strings are usually as dead as a doornail. A new set of any brand of 12s would be an instant upgrade.

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