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  1. elephantrider

    Side By Side...

    nice set of fraternal identical twins lol
  2. elephantrider

    Show your Other Guitars

    that would be spelled as " n'awlins" .. both iterations get mixed reviews.
  3. elephantrider

    Epi Les Paul owners - Do you upgrade your bridge & tail piece?

    I've never upgraded that hardware. pups for sure. wiring occasionally.
  4. elephantrider

    Show your Other Guitars

    I've seen that. I paid $1800 for it 4 or 5 years ago and thought it was a bit spendy, but it's a birth year guitar that I had to have. may be worth a few hundred more in today's doll hairs.
  5. elephantrider

    Show your Other Guitars

    thanks! she's an old norlin, but what an example.
  6. elephantrider

    Show your Other Guitars

    it's a '75 deluxe with SD antiquity mini hums. I just spent an hour with ot newly set up. this thing sounds like pure rock fury.
  7. elephantrider

    Show your Other Guitars

    got my pancake back from the hands of a professional. it's like a new guitar.
  8. elephantrider

    Yea or nay ? Trad Pro IV on my radar

    got a gt on order. mf had those for $399 so I had to..
  9. elephantrider

    Love My Epiphones

    I love all my epi's. the gibby's as well. plus the tokai ot two in the mix.
  10. elephantrider

    Show your Epiphones

    I would say that's barely double a, but pics hide some of the top details... there's a bunch of aaa tops, but I've not seen many aaaa examples. I'd consider mine barely 3a..
  11. elephantrider

    Show your Other Guitars

    messing with the tokai today...
  12. elephantrider

    Happy New Year

    the happiest of new years to all of yall!!!
  13. elephantrider

    Show your Amps...

    yup, it sounds nice through a 4x12 as well, but it does rock out 9f a 2x12!
  14. elephantrider

    Poly Crack at Nut

    hmm looks like it may have taken a bump. maybe..
  15. elephantrider

    Poly Crack at Nut

    need a pic or it's a full headstock repair.
  16. elephantrider

    Show your Amps...

    here's a few babies.
  17. elephantrider

    Blem? Refurb?

    yes, it will.
  18. elephantrider

    The New FAKE Epi thread

    here's a few pics of my '14 florentine, for reference. that one looks legit, but I'm no expert.
  19. elephantrider

    Blem? Refurb?

    that color looks great...
  20. elephantrider

    Anybody get guitars or gear for Christmas?

    got one of these!

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