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  1. vomer

    Show your Amps...

    Recent new amp and cab day. I've had an Albion GS15 6V6 combo for a couple of years which I'm now selling as I wanted to get back to an EL84 sound. I used to have a highly modified Valve Junior which sounded great but I needed bigger, and now I regret selling it. The Albion here is a 2x EL84...
  2. vomer

    MIK rant

    My 2004 Saein Sheraton has clear coat runs under the top clear coat. I didn't notice them for some time after I bought it, and it's not a 2nd. But when I picked this guitar up in a Guitar Centre I was immediately taken with it. The feel, the resonance, the acoustic tone, it just felt 'alive'...
  3. vomer

    1993 Epiphone Montana Series EM-20

    Very nice, I like simple lines and detailing on acoustics. Is that a solid top?
  4. vomer

    Epi Les Paul owners - Do you upgrade your bridge & tail piece?

    Not an LP, but the same bridge on the Sheraton, and I replaced mine as it was rattly. It was the wire rather than the saddles, and could be temporarily fixed by pushing the wire down to shape it in between the screws but I got fed up doing it and got a Tone Pros.
  5. vomer

    Epiphone SG Standard - pickup change

    I've had 59's in a couple of guitars and think of them as my favourite humbucker for everything unless I'm looking for something specific. I find them even, balanced, not too hot, clear but full enough, and just with a good overall tonality. My caveat here is that I play more blues and related...
  6. vomer

    Which Bigsby for Les Paul Special?

    I've just recently bought a Gretsch G5230T specifically to give it a more Duo Jet spec, with T-Armond pickups, Compton bridge, Grover StaTite tuners, and a B3 V-cut Gretsch Bigsby. The parts cost more than the guitar, but I will be able to recoup some of that by selling the B50 Bigsby and...
  7. vomer

    Fingerpicking on a rock machine

    Very nice 👍
  8. vomer

    How's Your Weather Today?

    It's sunny here. No wait, it's raining. With some sleet. No hold on, it's snowing. Ah no, it's hailstones. And now it's sunny again. :dunno:
  9. vomer

    Are these pickups the real deal?

    No, he said that he emailed Gibson the first link and then posted a second link. I'd be interested to hear, from anyone who is used to seeing probuckers. The epiphone markings on the jack and switch, and the connector look legit.
  10. vomer

    R.I.P. Gary Brooker (Procol Harum)

    Another man done a full go round, as Jorma Kaukonen put it. Not too old either.
  11. vomer

    Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honeyburst - AWESOME TONES !

    Welcome, and nice playing.
  12. vomer

    How's Your Weather Today?

    That was a bit mad here yesterday, apparently 150 trees down across Somerset, lots of roads closed, the chimney got blown off my mate's house, took off a load of roof tiles and landed on his car, and my daughter's church lost part of its steeple, which made the BBC News. All OK apart from that.
  13. vomer

    Show your Epiphones

    Thanks. Did you take the vibrola off another Epi, or were you able to buy it separately? I've thought about putting one on my Sheraton.
  14. vomer

    Show your Epiphones

    That's a beauty, what model is it? I think I've missed something!
  15. vomer

    CoVid-19 Thread.

    Everyone here in the UK is catching 'a cold' which is indistinguishable from omicron symptoms, and may not return a positive test on an LFT. If you can actually get LFT's anywhere. And you can't now get a PCR test in England, Scotland and Wales have their own public health bodies and are...
  16. vomer

    NGD Sheraton ii Pro

    Congrats on the Sheraton. I can't help with the figures because I don't have mine set up for the lowest action possible. One thing you can check if you feel the string height at the first fret is too high, is how the nut slots are cut. Hold a string down between the second and third fret and...
  17. vomer

    The New FAKE Epi thread

    Fake LP Custom near me on ebay
  18. vomer

    Fishing jack out of semi-hollow body

    Doh. Of course. I realised that :thumb: (not...):facepalm: But trying to salvage something here... I'd use my way to put it back! :)
  19. vomer

    Fishing jack out of semi-hollow body

    Good suggestions above already, and I use a jack plug soldered to a cable but with the case removed and the ring that the case screws onto, ground down, so the jack is no wider than the hole. I've also heard of people using a 1/4" dowel with a jack plug tip shape whittled in the end. And, you...
  20. vomer

    Which do I keep?

    Those 'ordinary' frets should polish up as smooth as the stainless. It's not about the material, it's how they are finished. If you've not polished frets before it's a fairly easy job. You'll find a few different approaches online, but basically, going down the grits with wet and dry paper is...

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