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    Munsters Theme Song for Solo Guitar

    Since I recorded the Addams Family theme song last week. I figured I would record the Munsters Theme Song this week. I hope you enjoy it!
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    Just in Time for Halloween: Washburn content

    I don’t know about you but I really would like to see Washburn bring back their Parallaxe line. They have made some excellent and pretty affordable electric guitars over the past 40 plus years. If you own a Washburn electric guitar from whatever year feel free to post it below. Without...
  3. J

    P90s or Humbuckers which do you prefer?

    What type of pickup do you prefer and why? I am kind of getting into p-90s but I do still love the humbucker sound. Both have a fat tone but it seems as though P-90s articulate a bit differently. Here is my P-90 equipped guitar below (PureSalem Tom Cat)
  4. J

    PureSalem Guitars

    Does anyone own a PureSalem Guitar? They are a small company out from Florida that has their guitars made at the factory in Korea where they make such brands as Reverend. I own a few of their guitars and I just got a Tom Cat model the other day. I really am liking the sound of their P90 pickups.
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    Show us your Aria guitars

    How many of you own an Aria or Aria Pro II guitar? Post pictures of them if you own one! Here is mine an Aria Pro PE LUX:
  6. J

    MIJ Les Paul content

    I hope you enjoy this video that I did with my FGN Neo Classic 20 guitar!
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    Folsom Prison Blues Twang

    Here is my version of Johnny cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. The guitar I’m playing is a Fret-King Jerry Donahue Signature model and it has Seymour Duncan Tele pickups in it. A really nice telecaster alternative IMHO.
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    FGN Neo Classic “Les Paul”

    Here is another video that I did with my FGN (Fujigen) Neo Classic guitar. This guitar is nothing short of fantastic!
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    More Jazz on a Hagstrom

    Here is a video that I recently did with my Hagstrom Viking! It’s not the same model as the one Elvis is playing on the 1968 special but it is somewhat close!
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    Fret-King John Jorgenson signature guitar

    Here is my Fret-King John Jorgenson Signature guitar. It’s semi hollow and very light. Ii think it is more resonant that many other “teles” I’ve played. Enjoy the video!
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    FGN Guitar

    Hi everyone here is my FGN Neo Classic Guitar. These guitars are manufactured in Japan at the Fujigen factory. Are there any other FGN guitar owners here? If so post your guitar below!
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    Cort CR300

    Here is a video I did with my Cort CR300 and my Monoprice 5 watt tube amp a few days ago. I hope you enjoy it!
  13. J

    Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe

    Here is another video of me playing my Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe. The neck on it is more comfortable than most guitars out there (for me anyway).
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    Fret-King Guitars

    Are there any other Fret-King owners on this forum? If so post pictures or videos of your guitars. Here is my Fret-King Elise FKV3HTSB semi hollow:
  15. J

    Aria Pro ii Made in Japan

    Here is my Japanese Aria Pro ii PE Lux guitar! Does anyone else in here own an Aria? Specifically the ones that have been and are made in Japan?
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    Flintstones Theme Song on a Hagstrom Viking

    Hi everyone! I am sure everyone here knows this theme song. Here is my arrangement of it for solo guitar! I hope you enjoy it!
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    LTD Xtone Guitars

    Here is my Ltd Xtone semi hollow guitar! Does anyone else own this model? What do you think?
  18. J

    Eastwood Guitars

    Are there any other fans of Eastwood guitars? Here is my arrangement of the Three’s Company theme song for guitar! I am using an Eastwood GP Ultra guitar in the video.
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    Hagstrom Guitars

    Is anyone on here a fan of the new Hagstrom guitars? I just got a brand new Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe and it is really a wonderful instrument.
  20. J

    New Member from the Boston area!

    Hi Folks, I just wanted to introduce myself and am looking to be apart of this forum. I have a 2007 Epiphone Elitist ES-335 Dot guitar which I enjoy playing. Here is a short clip of me playing it:

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