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    New Slash LP Signature Series

    Look amazing. Had I not purchased four Inspired by Gibson’s (50s LP Goldtop, SG Standard, Hummingbird and J-200) last year, I would probably have gone for the Goldtop
  2. J

    Les Paul DC Special TV Yellow (Korea)

    Decided to sell this one and put it here for sale first. I live in the Netherlands, but I can ship it as well. Asking price is €300 (excl. shipping). I don’t play it at all, it is just not my kind of guitar, and I want to make room for an Epi SG Standard. Everything works well, P90’s just don’t...
  3. J

    Hi from the Netherlands

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking here for a while, but time to introduce myself. See the list of Epiphones that I own below, no need to explain that I am a big fan. I mostly enjoy the Korean versions, although I usually bring them to a guitar tech who upgrades them with Gibson or Seymour...

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