1. Epiphreak

    Just saying hello...

    Hey! Just the new guy signing on to say hello! I am the very proud owner of a 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honey Burst and I got the Epiphone hard-shell case made for the Les Paul guitar. Amazing case, the guitar fits hand-in-glove snug and the contrast of the finish of the guitar against the...
  2. Supersonic

    More New Epi's Coming Soon

    Coronet USA Casino Wilshire Riviera with Mini-buckers and Frequensator :applause: ES-335 Nancy Wilson Crestwood Custom
  3. C

    Hoping for some help with my new Epiphone

    Just recently bought a 2020 Epiphone lea Paul standard 60’s In bourbon burst. I love how it looks. I have been fighting with feet buzz since I bought it. Is this typical? I’m afraid it might need fret work. I’ve adjusted truss rod and action on all my other guitars and I’ve been able to at least...
  4. D

    Epiphone Les Paul Junior 2020

    Am I only one disappointed about the new Epiphone Les Paul Junior 2020? The showed them off as looking exactly like the Gibson version with a nice tobacco burst finish. The Gibson version: But once the guitars were released, it looked like this, why is the burst so dark? It looks horrible...