aria pro

  1. J

    Show us your Aria guitars

    How many of you own an Aria or Aria Pro II guitar? Post pictures of them if you own one! Here is mine an Aria Pro PE LUX:
  2. J

    Aria Pro ii Made in Japan

    Here is my Japanese Aria Pro ii PE Lux guitar! Does anyone else in here own an Aria? Specifically the ones that have been and are made in Japan?
  3. greatguitarsonline

    Samick Epiphone bridge spacing

    Does anyone know what year the Korean Samick guitars changed their bridge string spacing to 52mm from 50mm and post spacing from 72mm to 74mm. I actually have an 1986 Aria Pro 2 TA 80 TR. It is virtually an epiphone sheraton has all the same specs as the early 80s - 90s Samick with the narrow...