1. M

    Replace wraparound bridge by tune-o-matic style bridge?

    Hey there I was wondering if there's an easy way to replace the traditional (Gibson Les Paul Junior like) wraparound bridge by an "adapted" tune-o-matic or even roller bridge? Sometimes I see people playing LP juniors with bigsby trems but I can't tell how these kinds of bridges are called...
  2. PelhamPatty

    Which Bigsby for Les Paul Special?

    I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special I with P90s (see my profile photo). I want to add a Bigsby. I'm confident that the Bigsby B5 would work... but I like the look of the B7 better. Does that work on Les Paul Specials (flat-tops), or just on arch top Les Pauls?
  3. Dudemeister

    Bigsby Installation

    I have a question regarding the installation of a Bigsby trem. I have a B700, and I know I'll have to drill a couple of holes in the body to lock in the trem, but can I put felt pads underneath to prevent it from scratching the finish?
  4. Imerkat

    Epiphone Wilshire with Horse-shoe Varitone!

    Earlier this year I broke the tremolo arm on the Tremotone on this 2012 Wilshire Re-issue and sat broke for a while. After soldering it and re-breaking there wasn't much left to fix I considered my options. So did a little search for Epiphone Tremolo and with some drilling and elbow grease, I...
  5. Imerkat

    Epiphone Varitone vibrato for sale

    Hey y'all, I was going to put one of this Epiphone branded Bigsby and lo there was one on sale right now: I have spare that I also want to sell but a more relic condition. Hit me or this seller up if you want to complete the look of your Epiphone.
  6. N

    1997 Epiphone Les Paul with horseshoe trem

    Hi New to the forum. Got a question though, Can anybody tell me what Les Paul model this 1997 les paul is? It had a golden sticker on the back of the headstock with part of a London address on it, which has since deteriorated. It sports the Epiphone made bigsby style horseshoe vibrato piece...