1. P

    2012 Casino sounds flat

    I recently received a 2012 Casino that is in excellent condition, the protective shipping film was still on the pick ups and guard. I took it to a local guitar shop for new strings and a set up, I had noticed excessive buzz from the low E up and down the entire neck and also buzzing from the A...
  2. E

    NGD: Failed James Bay Epiphone Casino

    Hi all! Today I just pull the trigger of 2016 MIC Epiphone Casino. Actually I want a Century as I'm a massive James Bay fan. Unfortunately it's already discontinued. I know, some of you might ask why I don't buy the Century while it still in production? The answer is, I'm kinda broke back then...
  3. E

    Mono Case for Casino

    Hi all, I'm new here. Don't have it right now, but going to buy an Epiphone Casino soon. (Now I only have Epiphone bass, a Thunderbird). So, I have a Gibson with Mono Vertigo Case (included when bought it, used). Really impress with Mono's quality, so I want that case for my Casino (I also don't...
  4. E

    Epiphone Guitarist and Bassist

    Hi, new member here! I'm from Indonesia and owned several Epiphone. I owned an Epiphone Dot (MIC) and Epiphone Les Paul Studio (MII) few years ago. Now I only have an Epiphone bass (Vintage Pro Thunderbird) and Gibson Les Paul. But soon, I'm going to buy an used red MIC Casino for my second...
  5. F

    New Casino Owner. Advice on pickup upgrade and hum?

    First -- I am super excited to find this forum! What a treasure trove of info and awesome Epiphone fans. I've been playing a Yamaha Pacifica, which I really liked, but got a new Casino because I really liked that hollow body sound. I got the last one (floor model) in the L.A. area -- Xmas, the...
  6. M

    Casino with a six digit serial

    Hi everyone, I'm new here - I don't think this forum existed when I last had an Epi. Anyway, I'm here to ask for your help/expertise. I've been looking at a Casino in natural finish, with a 17th fret neck join, and a six digit serial number. Various sites suggest that a six digit serial is late...
  7. Jack Fossett

    Casino Tone Feature

    Hey folks! Put together a few Epiphone Tone Features -- here is one for the Casino: I also did one for the Sheraton which I'll share in another thread. Hope you all enjoy! Jack
  8. MattRow

    Trying to find bridge post bushings for 2019 Casino

    I have a new casino that I'm doing a bridge swap on but i cannot seem to find 8mm bushings with a m8 thread. I need these specifically for the bridge i want to use. I cannot find any anywhere.
  9. RadioFM74

    Casino & 330: the Players

    The Casino has been my idée fixe of late. I’ve been tweaking mine – I’m not finished yet, but Oh! the rewards of careful maintenance and attentive knob turning. And while doing so, I’ve gone pretty deep into Casino history. Apart from the thrills of determining the year of transition from...
  10. Jimbeau

    Case for John Lennon "1965" Casino

    Hi all. Looking for a case to fit a John Lennon "1965" Casino. When I bought it from a used store, it came with a third-party case that doesn't quite accommodate the headstock properly. I guess it's because the headstock angle is 17 degrees (vs 14) and also the fact that it's elongated. So when...
  11. Jack Fossett

    Casino Demo

    Hey folks - finished off another one! Here is a straight up review of the standard Casino. Enjoy! Jack
  12. Jack Fossett

    Casino vs Sheraton!

    Hey folks Finished another shootout! Two of the Epiphone heavy weights, Casino versus Sheraton II - enjoy! Jack
  13. H

    Searching my heart out for a '65 Epiphone Casino

    Hellooooooo, I am very new to Epip Talk, well as the thread suggest My dream guitar has always been an '64-'65 Epiphone Casino (John Lennon Specs). I have save up my whole life for this Casino. I am kindly asking for your help, in my search If anyone have or knows someone who has a Casino...
  14. Jack Fossett

    Epiphone Elitist Casino vs. MODIFIED Standard Casino

    Hey folks So some years ago I did a shootout between a Standard Casino and an Elitist Casino. It got a HUGE response -- over 111k views on YouTube and counting -- and the general consensus has been that the Elitist is better but that the standard really holds its own. So last year I shot a...
  15. Jack Fossett

    Epiphone Casino Blues

    Hey folks Here is another video I shot recently, doing a blues feature with 3 different casinos - a standard, Elitist, and a modified Coupe. Enjoy! Jack
  16. Jack Fossett

    Casino vs Riviera!

    Hey folks I'm new to the forum and a dedicated Epiphone hollowbody player. I've done a number of shootout videos, special interest videos and what not, and wanted to share this latest with you all which is a back to back comparison between the standard Casino and Riviera Custom p93. Enjoy! Jack
  17. Imerkat

    NGD: Epiphone 1961 Casino Reissue (Royal Tan)

    So I have a Gibson ES-390 with a broken headstock needing repair. Got a quote from a gifted luthier and I've been mulling over that price. You know, being all hollow-body-P90-less rummaging the classifies, I found a deal I couldn't pass by: Came with all the Goodies and less than the repair...
  18. stilwel

    Peerless Casino Neck/Nut Question

    Do the mid 90's Peerless Casinos have the same narrow neck width at the nut as the same-era Rivieras? I LOVE the narrow neck on my '95 Riv. A Casino with the same neck shape would be very appealing. EDIT: The nut on my Riviera measures approximately 1-19/32 (40mm). The archive of the...
  19. R

    Epiphone Casino, 1958?

    Can anyone help me? I inharited my uncles epiphone casino. Here is the info clearly marked inside: Epiphone Casino Style number E230TD Serial number 856341 From what I can tell by the serial number it was made in 1958 but I can’t find any information on the casino prior to 1961. It is a super...
  20. IGRocker

    Incoming NGD- Lennon Casino

    On its way from Tennessee to Iowa! Its an inspired by Lennon, and I’ve been looking for a nicer Casino and this one popped up for a good price. I don’t care so much that it’s an artist guitar, and I don’t like to buy without playing, but with the price and original hard case I can easily turn my...

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