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  1. Crane

    Just for the record...locking tuners on an Epi Casino Coupe

    Just thought I would share some info. because I had trouble finding anything online. Grover couldn't even give me a definitive answer. Anyway, the Grover Vintage Locking tuners (model 533) fit on my Casino Coupe without any drilling. Grover Locking by Crane posted May 21, 2021 at 12:45 AM
  2. Crane

    Casino Coupe Wiring

    Hello Folks, I managed to break off 2 red wires from the neck volume pot. There are too many red wires and I don't remember where they go. I tried searching the nets but have not found a wiring diagram for the Casino Coupe. I also tried soldering them to different points and have gotten some...
  3. Jack Fossett

    Epiphone Casino Blues

    Hey folks Here is another video I shot recently, doing a blues feature with 3 different casinos - a standard, Elitist, and a modified Coupe. Enjoy! Jack

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