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  1. B

    Junior Model Limited Edition Custom Shop?

    Hi all, just picked up an Indonesian-made Junior and need a bit of information. The headstock says "Junior Model," the truss rod cover has a screened E, and the back of the headstock has the "Limited Edition Custom Shop" logo. Not looking to sell it, not interested in it's value, just wondering...
  2. fortamriel

    What model is this Epiphone SG Custom Shop?

    Someone offered to trade my Epiphone Les Paul Standard for an Epiphone SG. The marking on the back of the headstock is UC07011282 and the words "Limited Edition Epiphone Custom Shop". I'm not familiar with what this guitar is or how much it's worth. Does anyone know the model or worth of it?
  3. Piledriver

    NGD, not an Epiphone but..

    Ok, I know it's not an epiphone. Nor is it a Les Paul/SG etc. But this guitar is just awesome, wow... Just wanted to share my happy moment with you guys.
  4. Alty

    [SW] IK Multimedia Giveaway....

    IK’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Get 20 Gear Credits & JamPoints for FREE IK’s turning 20 and we want you to get in on the celebration. We’re giving away 20 free Custom Shop Gear Credits and 20 JamPoints to all registered users and all users who register a product from now through March 31...

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