1. T

    Epiphone Les Paul zakk Wylde custom plus

    Hey guys, First of all, thanks for the add. I've been looking for ages for a Zakk Wylde custom plus (build in active emg's from factory), and I finally found one. Because they are don't come by often in Belgium, it would like your advise. Do this one look legit? I think it does and it's a...
  2. rockbandguy

    My new Epiphone Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty"

    While I have another Epiphone-project underway (replacing the Roswell-pickups in my Harley Benton SC-550 Deluxe with Epiphone Pro Buckers), I managed to get hold of this "black-beautiful" guitar: It is equipped with 3 Tesla pickups:
  3. J

    Help : Epiphone Les Paul 2000 Specs

    Hey guys, Looking for some help to identify the specs of this 2000 Les Paul (S/N U00050151). Made in Korea? I need confirmation but if I remember well it might be a Les Paul Custom Limited Edition. Not certain of the color (Mahogany / orange). Modification : I changed the pickups for Gibson...
  4. P

    Need metal pickup ring for Les Paul custom

    I recently purchased an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro. I noticed that the bridge pickup ring did not meet flush with the top of the body. Didn’t think much of it so I left it alone. I noticed the other day a small crack working it’s way up the side of the ring. It looks like the uneven stresses...
  5. Jack Fossett

    Crown Jewel - Gibson SG Custom

    Hey everyone! Wanted to share with you this beautiful guitar which is one of the crown jewels of my guitar collection - enjoy! Cheers Jack
  6. S

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Informaion please

    I have recently aquired an Epiphone Les Paul Custom. It's a double cutaway. I am fairly sure it was made in the 90's but other than that I can find absolutely no info about it. i.e. Where was it made? Is there a place to find specs on it? Here is the serial # 199011390. I sure would appreciate...