1. pontaeri

    I thought the new ES was going to be an offset LP shape with f holes but its another new ES

    I'm excited and should I hide it? I was whoa, whats non es shape but possible offest LP semihollow in the ES section, buuut . .. Its kinda too close to the blue berry. Poll if you are bored also So I was digging around the site and looks like the web master / editor fudge on the code and so...
  2. 2

    Listen to this

    I'm not a waltz kind of a guy, I don't really know where this came from . Let me know what you think. Thanks
  3. J

    2013 Epi Dot with trapezoid inlays

    Hello alltogether on epiphonetalk. I'm new here and the only thing I can offer to you is a question. Sorry, I don't know much ( grinning smiley). I found a used Epiphone Dot in cherry red with trapezoid inlays from 2013, serial number is 13081500470. My problem is I can't find a Dot with...
  4. A

    eS335 dot wiring

    Hi everyone , my first post . I recently got a 2015 es335 dot studio ,which i have modded to add a further volume and tone control to make a standard type 2 pups ,two vol ,two tone and 3 way tog . i followed the standard wiring for that but find that the tone controls do nothing . any thoughts...
  5. P

    Roller saddle TOM(14") doesn't match radius of Dot(12"). Les Trem help.

    I'm looking to buy a Les Trem for my Epiphone dot. I've heard that a TOM with roller saddles might be helpful in reducing friction but all the roller toms I've found online that fit Epiphones have a 14" radius and the Dot has a 12" radius. I suppose I could try to put the roller saddles from the...
  6. Epic

    Epiphone Dot MIK. Let's see it.

    Hi Epiphone lovers, I'm new to this forum and I'm happy that I have found it. I would have never known I would love an Epiphone guitar until a week ago. I have been playing guitar for a few years now, I'm by no means an expert, but playing guitar is like escape and a form of expression which I...
  7. Warnzy

    Epi ES-339 DOT

    I've just bought a second hand ES-339 DOT from a pawn shop for £180 as a project. Although there's a lot on the internet about the PRO and now the Deluxe, I can't find much about the DOT. I assume this was the first model and had a limited run, otherwise I've expected to see more about them...
  8. Ixthus_km

    Quality pickguard for my Dot??

    Anyone have any leads on a quality pick guard upgrade for my Dot? I'd like a plain white one or a white 3-ply. I ordered one off eBay but when I got it, it didn't fit and I had to return it. The only others I see on eBay or Amazon look like the exact same one. Any thoughts?
  9. A

    NGD(yesterday) Es-335 pro

    I traded a strat I had for a cool coil tapping machine yesterday. It feels real nice and plays like a dream. I was surprised at the quality. It feels like a higher end instrument. You'd never know it was the price it was new and made in China. Wow. The neck profile, the weight, the fret work...