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  1. Jack Fossett

    Epiphone Elitist Casino vs. MODIFIED Standard Casino

    Hey folks So some years ago I did a shootout between a Standard Casino and an Elitist Casino. It got a HUGE response -- over 111k views on YouTube and counting -- and the general consensus has been that the Elitist is better but that the standard really holds its own. So last year I shot a...
  2. Jack Fossett

    Epiphone Casino Blues

    Hey folks Here is another video I shot recently, doing a blues feature with 3 different casinos - a standard, Elitist, and a modified Coupe. Enjoy! Jack
  3. S

    Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard Plus (UK)

    no longer available
  4. Alty

    [UK] 2002 Elite Les Paul....£650 @ Facebook

    Don't know how right it is or not but nice anyway.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/nwmusicalequipment/permalink/1046509862079902/
  5. fiftywattmafia

    Epiphone Elite and Elitists photos and discussion

    2002-2008 was a great period for Epiphone guitars. It was a time when they brought to the guitar market the wonderfully appointed Elite/Elitist line of guitars. I've owned many over the years and have moved along many but always come back to have one. Just such a solid, well built, great playing...

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