1. W

    Can you identify these Epiphone Pickups?

    Hello. I recently purchase a Fender Jazzmaster HH and when I looked under the pickguard the pickups had been swapped for some Epiphone ones. Can anyone help me identify the year or model pickups? These pickups have a brass colored back with the Epiphone logo engraved in them. The logo is not...
  2. SoCaliJ

    Reality Check; Part II

    Read Reality Check; Part I for context... https://www.epiphonetalk.com/threads/reality-check-part-i.5274/ While plotting to purchase guitar #3, a Squier Strat w/ Maple fingerboard, I stumbled across a new Epi Les Paul Studio Smokehouse Burst at a local music store, in stock and at the typical...
  3. Old Woody

    Epiphone Masterbilt 2020 Excellente (quick review)

    Hi everyone Just got this by Fed Ex yesterday (quick gripe about Fed Ex I was home when this was delivered and the delivery person left this at the door and walked away no knock or anything I wasn't happy) these are my first impressions of this fine instrument. 20200212_123201 by Old Woody...