epiphone casino

  1. F

    Casino - avoiding random bumps when recording

    New to the forum. I tried searching this but I’m not sure what to call it. “Microphonics”? Anyway, I just bought a 2010 MIC Casino on Reverb and was delighted when I opened the case and it played and sounded so good. I did a setup, and it plays really well and stays in tune. I bought it with...
  2. E

    NGD: Failed James Bay Epiphone Casino

    Hi all! Today I just pull the trigger of 2016 MIC Epiphone Casino. Actually I want a Century as I'm a massive James Bay fan. Unfortunately it's already discontinued. I know, some of you might ask why I don't buy the Century while it still in production? The answer is, I'm kinda broke back then...
  3. E

    Epiphone Guitarist and Bassist

    Hi, new member here! I'm from Indonesia and owned several Epiphone. I owned an Epiphone Dot (MIC) and Epiphone Les Paul Studio (MII) few years ago. Now I only have an Epiphone bass (Vintage Pro Thunderbird) and Gibson Les Paul. But soon, I'm going to buy an used red MIC Casino for my second...
  4. D

    Epi Casino too hot!

    Hi everyone I recently bought an Epiphone Casino, and while I both absolutely love the looks of it (Pau Ferro looked amazing), the acoustic sound and its playability/feel (the edges of the binding were nicely rolled and I love the slimtaper D neck, reminds me of my old spanish guitar), I was...
  5. BuddyHollywood

    First Post - 50th Anniversary Casino

    Hey! I bought my 50th Anniversary off of Craig's List a few years ago and knew immediately as soon as I picked it up that it was for me. It wasn't even set up that well but I could tell. The neck feels great and the sounds are beautiful and raunchy at the same time. Perfect! I recently...
  6. Jack Fossett

    Casino Tone Feature

    Hey folks! Put together a few Epiphone Tone Features -- here is one for the Casino: I also did one for the Sheraton which I'll share in another thread. Hope you all enjoy! Jack