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  1. F

    Double Stops - Guitar Lesson (Epiphone Sheraton II Pro WR)

    Hey guys! First of all thank you very much for your warm reception of my videos on this platform. I really hope these lessons happen to be useful and helpful for you, provide some valuable information and I hope you enjoy this content. This week's lesson is about Double Stops, how we can think...
  2. F

    Blues Guitar: Solo and Chords in 3 Steps (Epiphone Sheraton II PRO)

    Hello there! This week I recorded a little lesson on how one can mix a blues guitar solo/melody with the chords within a 12-Bar Blues chord progression. In this video we’ll be practicing a simple melody and connect it with the dominant 7 chord shapes (there are TABs on the screen for every...
  3. M

    Epiphone Sheraton-ii VS help

    Hi everyone I've joined the forum as a new epiphone owner and in need of help. I bought a Sheraton-ii VS stated on the inside label from an eBay seller. Great guitar lovely looking but really needed clean. Now I know with most guitars VS means vintage sunburst but this guitar is all natural...
  4. Jack Fossett

    Sheraton Tone Feature

    Here's the Sheraton feature! Jack
  5. Suz

    New to Electric Guitars, debating amps

    Hey Folks: I'm new to the forum, Epiphone AND electric guitars in general. My ex bought me a Peavey Raptor 1 as a starter guitar 20 some years ago. It became a towel rack sitting on a stand, largely b/c it was POS that was uncomfortable play. Nut width was too big for my small hands...
  6. F

    Epiphone Sheraton II Pro

    Hey guys and a Happy New Year to everyone out there! I posted the very first episode of my new series "Red Robe Sessions" playing a Sheraton II Pro so you can see the guitar is incredible for it's price! The pickups and everything are the default ones, so I believe there's room for some...

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