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  1. K

    Custom Pro router marks?

    I'm demoing a 2018 LP custom pro, the seller wants $550 for it. Stock as far as I can tell other than a nubone nut. One thing that bothers me though is a very visible router mark on the finish under the neck pickup. At my local shop none of the other epiphones have this, it's smooth finish...
  2. E

    New Epiphone, Power Player

    https://www.epiphone.com/en-US/Collection/power-players this is intriguing. Do we finally got a good student model?
  3. 2

    Listen to this

    I'm not a waltz kind of a guy, I don't really know where this came from . Let me know what you think. Thanks
  4. S

    Minor wear on ES335

    G’day all, Probably a silly question but my 7 month old ES335 is showing some wear. Not much but to be specific it’s a formerly black screw that is now silver. Didn’t expect paint on a screw or to rub it off. I think I might anchor my little finger there from time to time when I’m playing...
  5. audacia_verum

    Famous/Popular Les Paul Iced Tea Players?

    Hi all, I recently bought a new 2021 Epiphone Les Paul Standard 60s in Iced Tea, have had it about 2 months so far and absolutely loving it.. The two attached pics are of my LP, though in person the colour is closer to the first picture as in some lighter it looks more red (like the 2nd...
  6. M

    Firebird with no serial number?

    Hi! For years I had this guitar, allegedly a Epiphone Firebird, bought second hand. I was trying to verify if it was a real Epiphone or a fake. It shows no serial number anywhere (not in any part of the headstock, cavities, etc. As far as I concern, all hardware matches exactly those used in...
  7. T

    FS: Epiphone AJ-500M

    Selling my AJ-500M in natural finish. The previous owner glossed the top and the headstock. The back and sides are still satin. This is a factory refurbished with USED stamped on the back of the headstock $500 or best offer. Extremely open to offers. $70 shipping but will refund whatever is...
  8. The Epi Collection.jpeg

    The Epi Collection.jpeg

    My keepers; Coronet Elite - 2016 Spirit - 1982 Alleykat - 2009 Sheraton Ri - 2012
  9. Anand Mahangoe

    Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honeyburst - AWESOME TONES !

    Hi Gentz ! I am new here, no Epiphone owner YET but after trying out the new Classic Honeyburst from my student and been lurking to a very beaten up Epiphone Gold Top with P90'' at my Music school , I might pick up one when there is a good deal somewhere ! I do have a Gibson ES-335 and a 1993...
  10. W

    Can you identify these Epiphone Pickups?

    Hello. I recently purchase a Fender Jazzmaster HH and when I looked under the pickguard the pickups had been swapped for some Epiphone ones. Can anyone help me identify the year or model pickups? These pickups have a brass colored back with the Epiphone logo engraved in them. The logo is not...
  11. S

    G'day from Australia

    G'day all, Just bought myself a new Inspired by Gibson ES-335. I've had my eye on them for a while now having only played an acoustic and more recently my son's second-hand Strat knock-off. But I've found they can be tough to find at the moment. I had been thinking about getting a Sheraton but...
  12. Damien Vivona

    Wanted Slash Chibson Snakepit Guitar Will Pay $$$$$

    Looking for a Slash Chibson Snakepit cobra inlay guitar will pay $$$$. Left or Right handed serious buyer.... Please call (561) 573-6367
  13. RadioFM74

    Dream-come-true NGD: 1938 Epi Deluxe

    Since starting out in jazz I always wanted a golden era acoustic archtop, and the model I thought was the most beautiful was the 17" Epiphone De Luxe of the late thirties. I located one in Paris during the summer of 2020. Almost a done deal, but then COVID happened and I could not travel. This...
  14. ian Norma

    Epiphone vintage trem parts

    Hi everyone, I'm new on ET and and I wanted to ask if any of the forum members could help me. I 'd like to restore a missing part of my vintage 1965 epiphone casino. In particular, if anyone knows if it is available or if it is possible to make the piece highlighted in the photo, a sort of...
  15. Epiphreak

    Just saying hello...

    Hey! Just the new guy signing on to say hello! I am the very proud owner of a 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honey Burst and I got the Epiphone hard-shell case made for the Les Paul guitar. Amazing case, the guitar fits hand-in-glove snug and the contrast of the finish of the guitar against the...
  16. Samuel Reed

    Changing the machine head buttons on an Epiphone Special II

    Hi all, For purely aesthetic reasons, I'd like to change the machine head buttons on an Epiphone Special II. I'm keeping the machine heads themselves as it's not worth the cost or bother of installing new machine heads on a guitar of this value. Besides, the stock machine heads hold tune pretty...
  17. Samuel Reed

    Drop in machine heads for epiphone special ii

    Hi all I'm having my first ever attempt at modding a guitar. Really good fun, but I want to start easy. I'm changing everything on an Epiphone Special II. I don't have any tuning issues but I want to change the machine heads to something vintage, with white pegs; purely aesthetic. My question...
  18. D

    Epi Casino too hot!

    Hi everyone I recently bought an Epiphone Casino, and while I both absolutely love the looks of it (Pau Ferro looked amazing), the acoustic sound and its playability/feel (the edges of the binding were nicely rolled and I love the slimtaper D neck, reminds me of my old spanish guitar), I was...
  19. L

    Epiphone sg Pro special edition 1961 troubleshooting

    Hello, as the title suggests I've got some frustration with the guitar, and a very specific problem. Only on the 16th fret of the low E string there is a very horrible fret buzz, even with high action. Not before or after the individual fret, and only on the one string. Every other string on...
  20. Dario

    Is original tuners Epiphone Zenith 1939 ?

    I found these tuners (only 5 tuners) in the case of an epiphone zenith 1939 which now features grovers from a later era. I have not found any similar images on the web! Who helps me to name it? They are perhaps Waverly made in germany!

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