1. T

    New ES-335 Neck Adjustment Problem?

    Hi: I have a New ES-335 Traditional Pro Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar. I am giving the guitar a complete setup starting with the neck. I have removed the strings and using a notched straightedge checked for neck flatness. Adjusting the truss rod I can take the neck into & out of negative...
  2. S

    G'day from Australia

    G'day all, Just bought myself a new Inspired by Gibson ES-335. I've had my eye on them for a while now having only played an acoustic and more recently my son's second-hand Strat knock-off. But I've found they can be tough to find at the moment. I had been thinking about getting a Sheraton but...
  3. Supersonic

    More New Epi's Coming Soon

    Coronet USA Casino Wilshire Riviera with Mini-buckers and Frequensator :applause: ES-335 Nancy Wilson Crestwood Custom
  4. A

    Pickup recommendations

    You guys have any not-too-expensive favorite humbuckers that I can slap in my Es-335? Looking for something with lower output for clarity. Really diggin the tv jones classics at the moment. But I'm not sure how that'd work with the coil split.. Thanks in advance!