es 339 pro

  1. K

    New ES 339 WTF? a backwards step.

    Just bought a new ES 339 pro, and the new models DO NOT have the push/pull coil tapping feature! ... a major reason that I bought it. So who thought that was a bright idea? They push the price up ( quite considerably) and remove a key feature!
  2. JP68

    NGD (And first post!) - Epi "Dot" ES-339 VS

    Hi everyone... I picked this up used, but in mint condition yesterday at my local shop. The S/N label reads "Epiphone Dot ES-339 VS," but I can't find reference online anywhere to a Dot 339, only the 335. It has the push-pull coil splitters on the volume knobs, so I think it's an ES-339 PRO. Is...
  3. DB145

    Help! I messed up my new (used) Epi ES 339 Pro (First Post)

    In what continues to be a frustrating guitar upgrade experience, I idiotically ripped one of the volume/push-push pot shaft my recently acquired used Epiphone ES 339 pro. So far I like the guitar and feel its a keeper so Id like to fix it. Questions for the wise forum members... Where is the...

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