1. S

    Minor wear on ES335

    G’day all, Probably a silly question but my 7 month old ES335 is showing some wear. Not much but to be specific it’s a formerly black screw that is now silver. Didn’t expect paint on a screw or to rub it off. I think I might anchor my little finger there from time to time when I’m playing...
  2. S

    Quack point and tones

    G'day all, I have had my ES-335 for about a month now and I really do love it. So versatile and beautiful to play. Anyhoo, I've been reading about the middle pick-up setting where you can roll the neck volume back a touch to hit what "they" refer to as the "quack point". "This delivers vocal...
  3. A

    eS335 dot wiring

    Hi everyone , my first post . I recently got a 2015 es335 dot studio ,which i have modded to add a further volume and tone control to make a standard type 2 pups ,two vol ,two tone and 3 way tog . i followed the standard wiring for that but find that the tone controls do nothing . any thoughts...
  4. Dudemeister

    Ibanez Semi-Hollow AS73G Guitar

    I'm looking at a Ibanez AS73G semi-hollow body guitar. These are very similar to the Gibson/Epiphone ES335. Has anyone used one of those, what do you think of it. More importantly, how does it sound unplugged. I'm looking for something I can play without having to plug it in. I know it's...
  5. A

    NGD(yesterday) Es-335 pro

    I traded a strat I had for a cool coil tapping machine yesterday. It feels real nice and plays like a dream. I was surprised at the quality. It feels like a higher end instrument. You'd never know it was the price it was new and made in China. Wow. The neck profile, the weight, the fret work...
  6. Alty

    [UK- Europe] Epiphone ES335 Pro in Iced Tea £339 @ Andertons

    £339 This limited edition Epiphone ES-335 PRO is not normally available in Europe, but we have secured a limited allocation of this supercharged Epiphone ES-335 coming to Andertons! Reserve yours now to avoid missing out. Next delivery due: Tuesday, 5 Apr 2016...

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