1. T

    Explorer + Coil Split Wiring

    Anyone have a wiring diagram for coil-splitting an Explorer with 2V/1T/3-way toggle? (I realize I will have to cut the quick connects. Probuckers are likely getting replaced soon.)
  2. T

    Should my brand new Explorer neck bend this easily?

    Got a brand new Explorer today from Zzounds. It's already going back because of some funky wiring issues, but what has me most worried is the neck. It bends if I breathe on it. It bends if I just barely lean over to reach the tuning pegs. I am curious to know if this is normal for Epiphones or...
  3. J

    Explorer pickup change

    Hi all, new to the forum and hoping someone can help. I have a goth explorer with emgs fitted, and I am looking to swap pickups for a set of probuckers. The probuckers come wired with 2 vol and 2 tone. With the explorer having only 3 controls, what’s the best way to wire the probuckers...
  4. M

    Repairs and shiny things

    Peeps, I may be able to purchase a 2003 Epiphone Explorer for a fair price. However there has been a bit of cosmetic damage around the nut which I would want repaired. All the bits and bobs on it are Gold which I would want replaced for Silver/Chrome (just personal preference). Anyone any...
  5. M

    Upcoming artist signature models?

    Epi seem to really be pushing forward with artist signature models! Anyone know who’s going to be doing a signature guitar next (especially if it will fulfill my Explorer fetish)!
  6. M

    Brendon Small Thunderhorse

    Does anyone know if the Brendon Small signature Thunderhorse Explorer was sold in the U.K? There seems to be no trace of it on line and none kicking about on e - Bay etc? Anyone got eyes on one?? Cheers Mongol
  7. C

    Changing the pots in an Epi Ltd Korina Explorer 2016/2017

    Hi guys, first post here. I recently bought a Limited Edition Korina Explorer and I'm not really that satisfied with the pots that came with the guitar; the volume pot acts as if I turned on the volume at max, suffice to say not really a smooth envelope/swell/crescendo or whatever you want to...
  8. Keefoman

    CTS pots and Emerson caps in my Epis

    Pots and caps arrived yesterday, and swapped. The Explorer had Alpha Pots and The V had Jin Sung. Does anybody know the difference and why different pots in these models? I also used speedknobs instead of top hats. Can't really say if it made a huge improvement other than much less treble loss...
  9. Kitcool

    NGD Ltd. Ed. Korina Explorer

    Got the baby from Andertons, ordered wednesday delivered in brussels friday.:applause:extremely well packed and playable (tuning and action ok). Guitar is a 3 pieces body @ 3,7 kg and rings nicely when unplugged. Finish is ok but I'm a bit disappointed by tuners alignment:facepalm:. I was a bit...
  10. Marty_McFly

    Epiphone Gothic Explorer or 1984 Explorer AW

    Hi guys and gals, as you now, we are not far away from Christmas and so I'm thinking about which guitar to get. I know that it' s going to be an explorer, but I can't decide between the Epiphone Gothic Explorer and the Epiphone 1984 Explorer in Arctic white:). Since I have no local music shop...