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fake or real epiphone

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    Epiphone Les Paul zakk Wylde custom plus

    Hey guys, First of all, thanks for the add. I've been looking for ages for a Zakk Wylde custom plus (build in active emg's from factory), and I finally found one. Because they are don't come by often in Belgium, it would like your advise. Do this one look legit? I think it does and it's a...
  2. D

    Is this a fake Joe pass or One-off?

    Hi, I played this used guitar at a local shop yesterday. The inside label says that it's an Emperor II model. When I was in the store, I looked up the serial number and it came back as a 2005 model made by peerless. I didn't buy it, This guitar has some odd features that I've never seen before...
  3. K

    Is this Epiphone Fake or Real?

    I bought this in 2004 at the famous instrument shop in my country. I used it for one year, then, I went on studying abroad. So, I left it at my cousin's house (No one plays guitar). I just got it back and think about selling it. I tried to check the detail but I could not find the serial...

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