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fgn guitars made in japan

  1. J

    MIJ Les Paul content

    I hope you enjoy this video that I did with my FGN Neo Classic 20 guitar!
  2. J

    FGN Neo Classic “Les Paul”

    Here is another video that I did with my FGN (Fujigen) Neo Classic guitar. This guitar is nothing short of fantastic!
  3. J

    FGN Guitar

    Hi everyone here is my FGN Neo Classic Guitar. These guitars are manufactured in Japan at the Fujigen factory. Are there any other FGN guitar owners here? If so post your guitar below!
  4. Paruwi

    NGD (incoming) New (used) FGN-Day

    Spotted this Beauty here on a local sales site, put up 3 of my FGNs to sell one of them to help finance the deal it worked out within a few days It is a High-End FGN, not a 'Virtuoso' as claimed by the seller, though it still is a 'One of' made at Custom-Shop level a few years back for the...
  5. Paruwi

    FGN (FujiGen) Guitars Japan

    FGN Guitars added a brand new Video and another interesting factory tour Fujigen Gakki Factory Tour!! | Drowning in Guitars! Serial# information Format: MYYXXXX M = Month (A=Jan, B=Feb.....) YY= Year XXXX= production# The history of FGN-guitars starts in 1960 they had made a lot...

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