1. F

    LP Plus Top Pro Smudged Factory Finish?

    Good day all and thanks for having me here. As a 30th birthday present, my family have just come together to buy me a Epi Plus Top Pro in Mojave Fade - I'm a lucky guy! But there are a couple of issues I wanted to see if anyone has experienced? Firstly, the finish looks amazing everywhere...
  2. Marty_McFly

    Wear and aging on a poly finish guitar

    Hi guys and gals. I am the kind of person who really digs guitars with a worn off paint job (worn off throug playing). Like when a finish that was once quite shiny turns into matt and if the actual wood shows up on certain spots where you touch the guitar a lot while playing. My "main"...
  3. H

    Scratches on my Masterbilt

    Hi forum! So, I managed to pick up a beautiful dr-500mce in natural finish for a good price. It's actually new. What happened (I discovered after opening the box) is that the desiccant bag broke and the salts went all over the place, resulting in very fine scratches in a couple of spots. Very...

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