1. S

    Wanted: early '90s white G-310

    Hey! I'm seeking a Korean-made Epiphone SG G-310 made between 1989 and 1992 (1991 being the ideal year) in Alpine White with the original Samick pickups with the black covers The year, color, and pickups are all important...I've seen red and black models for sale (and Vintage White models from...
  2. Lee61321

    Epiphone G-310.

    I have a '05 Epi G-310 and I just had it setup I love the quality wood and look-wise but.. it always goes out of tune and the frets ALWAYS buzz even on the 22nd fret.
  3. J

    Guitar Wolf G-310 - For sale

    Hello all, Selling my G-310 Guitar Wolf Seiji signature model. For those who don't know of it, it was a 2005 Japan-only release in black with blue sparkly stripes, Alnico/Alnico HOT pickups, chrome hardware, custom inlay/headstock logo/truss rod cover, black speed knobs etc etc... For those who...
  4. liquidsmoke

    SG Special vs G-310

    Greetings. Pardon me if this subject has been discussed to death here but the search function won't respond to 'G-310' or 'SG'. At first I thought these two guitars were exactly the same other than the knobs but there are differences. SG Special- mahogany body maple neck 2 knobs made in...

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