1. R

    So Many Epiphone's....Guitar Buying Advice for a Newbie...

    Greetings everyone, First of all, thank you for reading this new thread (I know it is quite long and hope you will read to the end )! I'm new to this forum and new to playing guitar (although I played briefly when I was in 9th grade, so I know a few basic chords; now I'm much older and...
  2. Damien Vivona

    Wanted Slash Chibson Snakepit Guitar Will Pay $$$$$

    Looking for a Slash Chibson Snakepit cobra inlay guitar will pay $$$$. Left or Right handed serious buyer.... Please call (561) 573-6367
  3. SoCaliJ

    Reality Check; Part I

    Since returning to playing the guitar after a very long absence, I've been having a real good time. I practice multiple times daily; I have more overall knowledge and skill now than I ever did in my youth and I am slowly improving, however, I am still a skill-less hack. I say that both...
  4. E

    authenticity parts of a EJ 200/VS

    Hello guys! thank you for the checking my post, I bought this second hand epiphone EJ 200/VS and as I'm looking trough internet non of the epiphone EJ 200/VS seems to match 100% with the one that I got, since the serial number is ripped off I want to know if all parts of this guitars are legit...
  5. A

    Epiphone Ultra 3 USB and mono simultaneously

    Hello there, I have a Epiphone Les Paul ultra III, and I use a programm on my pc for lessons. It uses the usb connection of the Ultra 3 as a microphone input. Although I only get the accoustic sound (so no amp, only the bare sound of the strings) . I would like to plug my amp in aswell. But as...
  6. PeterOeh

    Peterson Strobe Tuner App to Andriod.. Get it for FREE

    Been using Peterson Strobe Tuner App for a little while now, and i can only recommend it. its really precis (perfect to get a dead on intonation), can show cents, hz, midi, lots of tuning options. been through alot of tuners and tuning apps, this Peterson Strobe Tuner is by far the best tuner...
  7. J

    Can anyone help me Identify this Epiphone Guitar?

    All string adjusters on one side 2 volume control 1 volume, one tone control. 1 core Huming Buck Pickup Coil Serial No: 150530 Epiphone Electric Guitar Solid Body Made in Usa around 1950 My Grandmaw bought it for my Uncle when he was a Young Man. Do you know what series this Guitar is? How can I...
  8. Marty_McFly

    Epiphone Gothic Explorer or 1984 Explorer AW

    Hi guys and gals, as you now, we are not far away from Christmas and so I'm thinking about which guitar to get. I know that it' s going to be an explorer, but I can't decide between the Epiphone Gothic Explorer and the Epiphone 1984 Explorer in Arctic white:). Since I have no local music shop...

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