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    More Jazz on a Hagstrom

    Here is a video that I recently did with my Hagstrom Viking! It’s not the same model as the one Elvis is playing on the 1968 special but it is somewhat close!
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    Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe

    Here is another video of me playing my Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe. The neck on it is more comfortable than most guitars out there (for me anyway).
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    Flintstones Theme Song on a Hagstrom Viking

    Hi everyone! I am sure everyone here knows this theme song. Here is my arrangement of it for solo guitar! I hope you enjoy it!
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    Hagstrom Guitars

    Is anyone on here a fan of the new Hagstrom guitars? I just got a brand new Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe and it is really a wonderful instrument.