1. Simon Croft

    Super rare Epi, can you identify?

    Hello, first post here, although I've been a member of TDPRI and Strat-Talk for years. I have a Joe Pass Epiphone Emperor, but it's someone else's Epi I'm hoping some of you experts can help me with. This guitar came into a repair shop in the US run by Matthew Desormeaux, and he posted it on...
  2. Olivia Lindsey

    Seeking Information on my Epiphone

    Hey everyone I am looking for some information on my Epiphone Les Paul. I will post some photos of it. It's been in the family since 2000 and we got it used. I am having trouble finding information about it. It is a purple sunburst les paul. the Serial Number is F6100891. I would appreciate any...
  3. 3piece

    Anyone know the pot value for the LP prophecy GX?

    Hi, Mine have the quick connect system and the block that you push the leads into/ pc board is mounted on top of the (Push/pull) pot so you can't see the back to get the value. I do see that they are smaller in diameter than the tone pots, which are clearly marked at 500K. I ask because I...
  4. 3piece

    14" radius neck - which models?

    Hi, Though I'd look to the wisdom of the group before pinging customer service. I have a prophecy GX lp - it has a 14 inch radius neck that I absolutely love! Better than my PRS S2, AM Strat, Taylor - you get the idea. So much so that I'm wondering if there are any other models of LP out...

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