1. Dudemeister

    Ibanez Semi-Hollow AS73G Guitar

    I'm looking at a Ibanez AS73G semi-hollow body guitar. These are very similar to the Gibson/Epiphone ES335. Has anyone used one of those, what do you think of it. More importantly, how does it sound unplugged. I'm looking for something I can play without having to plug it in. I know it's...
  2. BillyC

    Ibanez PS40 Iceman

    I like the Ibanez Iceman, I think it's a cool-looking shape. So late last year, when I found a cheap one at a local store, I bought it. It's an Ibanez PS40, the most basic and entry-level Paul Stanley signature model, with dot inlays and no body binding: I didn't particularly want the Paul...
  3. Marty_McFly

    Ibanez S520 - WK

    Hey guys n´ girls. So it´s that time of the year again. Christmas is coming, and I think about what guitar to get ;) Right know I heavily think about getting a Ibanez S520 in Weathered Black, which is just a fancy word for worn black. Since I do not have any music store near by that has Ibanez...
  4. IGRocker

    I think I just got another guitar

    Yup, it's an Ibanez RG320. I walked into church this morning to practice with the band before hand, and one of the guys asked me to take a look at a guitar. After a couple minutes, he says "you know, I haven't had time to give this thing the work it needs, and I have 13 other guitars anyway, so...

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