1. VIQ

    I need you to identify the year of a Sheraton !

    Hello everyone, I hope you are well, I need your experience and knowledge to identify an Epiphone Sheraton without a serial number. It seems that it is from the beginning of 1990, but the seller wasn't sure either... Also, I can't identify the brand of the head mechanism. Here are some...
  2. Samuel Reed

    Does anyone know what these pickups are and what I can replace them with?

    Hi all, Trying to swap pickups in a 335 shaped guitar I bought in Italy 15 years ago. Never done any of this modding malarkey until lockdown so not too confident about cutting body, etc. I've swapped humbuckers for humbuckers and humbucker size p90s before but these are... something else...
  3. Simon Croft

    Super rare Epi, can you identify?

    Hello, first post here, although I've been a member of TDPRI and Strat-Talk for years. I have a Joe Pass Epiphone Emperor, but it's someone else's Epi I'm hoping some of you experts can help me with. This guitar came into a repair shop in the US run by Matthew Desormeaux, and he posted it on...