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  1. J

    Show us your Aria guitars

    How many of you own an Aria or Aria Pro II guitar? Post pictures of them if you own one! Here is mine an Aria Pro PE LUX:
  2. M

    Casino with a six digit serial

    Hi everyone, I'm new here - I don't think this forum existed when I last had an Epi. Anyway, I'm here to ask for your help/expertise. I've been looking at a Casino in natural finish, with a 17th fret neck join, and a six digit serial number. Various sites suggest that a six digit serial is late...
  3. M

    What did I buy??

    Hello new around here, About two years ago I was cruising CL for a beater guitar. I found an ad for an MIJ epiphone for cheap, so I checked it out it felt solid so I bought it. Ad said wilshire ii but I cant find any info on it anywhere. I took it apart and found a serial number but no model...
  4. Joshua L Loewen

    ISO Epi Riviera ‘80-‘84 Matsumoku!

    If anyone is interested or knows anyone who *maybe* interested in selling their ‘80s Riviera I’m highly interested! Have been scouring eBay and Reverb for months and haven’t seen a stop-tail model in maybe 6 months. Just posting here to try an expand my net. Thanks for your time!
  5. Alty

    [US Ebay] Epiphone EA-250 - MIJ - 1970's - $375.00

  6. Alty

    [UK] 2002 Elite Les Paul....£650 @ Facebook

    Don't know how right it is or not but nice anyway.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/nwmusicalequipment/permalink/1046509862079902/
  7. Mark

    Epi LPC-80 from Japan

    For $680 BIN with free shipping! Gibson headstock...
  8. Alty

    [Pics] 1970s Epiphone EA-250....

    Not something you see everyday. 1970s Epiphone EA-250, made in Japan. Sold for £340 (10th December 2015) [$485 - €445 - Au$703]

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