1. 2

    500 Listens

    I have posted this on other forums. My song "Chocolate Chip Pancakes" (I have them every Sunday) has reached 500 listens on Soundcloud. Thanks to all of you who listened here and the other forums. That may not be a lot to most of you but to me it's huge. My next closest is "Slippin' Away From...
  2. J

    Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe

    Here is another video of me playing my Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe. The neck on it is more comfortable than most guitars out there (for me anyway).
  3. StringmanK

    Random Thoughts on Mickey Baker Jazz Book

    Mickey Baker's Complete Course in Jazz Guitar: Book 1. This is a great book. I have had it over a year and am still on the first or second lesson. I met a guy on vacation last spring who plays guitar and has this book. Both of us in the same boat, not past the first couple of lessons. It's...